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Travel from puerto plata to punta cana?

i am going to puerto plata in march with a friend…i recently just found out that other friends of mine are going to be in punta cana the same week…are there methods of travel to get from puerto plata to punta cana? and if so is it expensive…or is it just too much travel to even consider…pretty sure they dont have the fast highways like we do

Check this thread …

it wouldn’t be cheap if you want to go by taxi, because its very far. count on a day of travelling if i remember correctly. but if you want a cheaper and more adventurous way to go, you can go by the bus line caribe tours and combine that with guaguas to get where you want to go.

I’ll say!
To drive from PC to POP you have to drive from PC to Higuey, then down to the south to La Romana, from there to Santo Domingo, and then from Santo Domingo northwards via Santiago to POP. Count on 8 hours each way. BTW, some of those roads are real pieces of work. ::slight_smile:

edit: See the link I posted previously.

but its a fun way of seeing the country, and its always an adventure! once someone offered me a piece of cheese on the bus! i love it!!!