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Travel insurance

I am undecisive on purchasing travel insurance or not. We have Blue Cross and would be covered under their BlueCard Worldwide plan, and it covers everything medical, emergency, hospitalization, etc. We would have to pay Dr visits out of pocket and then get reimbursed. Hospitalization I would have to contact them to have the hospital bill them. The travel plans I’ve looked at online offer the same with emergency evac but I’d still have to pay out of pocket. Any suggestions on a good cheap plan that you don’t have out of pocket? And do I even need it if I have Blue Cross? No one anticipates needing medical care on vacation but you never know. Thnks!

Hi there!

Well, we do not get medical insurance as we are covered by my husband’s medical plan (like you are) while on vacation however, we always get cancellation insurance, just in case. That’s what insurance is all about right? Just in case…
That being said, it’s important to thoroughly go through their policies as there may be some exceptions, etc… You don’t want a nasty surprise once abroad. :-[
This may help or not but the first few times we went away, our bank offered a great insurance plan that cost us approx. 75$ each for full coverage. That was the Bank of Montreal.
Hope this helps, and have a great trip! :smiley:

We always buy cancellation insurance because we already have medical coverage with work. But for our next trips, we will be buying from our credit card company, Mastercard. Medical and cancellation insurance costs about 65$ each and it covers us for the whole year, for as many trips you want. The cancellation insurance for our Feb. trip has cost us 250$ for two week but we bought through RBC. I found it expensive after I learned about Mastercard insurance.

With our medical insurance from work, we also had to pay upfront and then got reimburse when we come back. I don’t know how it works with MC insurance.

$250.- for a cancellation insurance sounds very steep to me,
your mentioned $65.- per persons for the whole year looks like a great deal.
of course i do not know their fineprints in case of what they really cover.
i hate that about nearby any kind of insurance, you have to study first to understand what they really ‘don’t cover’, ha ha.
happy accident free travel everyone

250$ for 2 is for a two week period. Why it’s more expensive than one week, I have no idea. Tha’s why the 65$ each sounds very good to me. MC now have new customers!

I think we got royally ripped off. We got the deluxe package with RBC for our upcoming trip (2 weeks) and the cost for both of us was $399.60 ($185.00 + $14.80 tax each). When we read the fine print (when we thought this trip may not happen), I looked at the really small print, and its medical only, everywhere else says 100% non refundable although I specifically asked for Medical and Cancellation. Lesson learned, as Hubby also has medical coverage through the office. More research is definitely required on our part.

Happy and Safe travels everyone.

Edited to add. Where did MissyD go?

I thought I bought a complete insurance package for a good price as an annual rate, and then found out that it did not include cancellation insurance which is the expensive part. My 2 week trip in February cost me $3000. To get only cancellation/interruption insurance for that dollar value (I too already have medical coverage) is being quoted to me by everybody between $145 and $180. The best deal was by a company I’ve not used before buy you have to buy it within 7 days of purchase. I’d love to see it come in at something even around $100 but it’s not likely.

The price of the insurance is based on your age and the value of your insurance. If your package costs more and you insure it for full value, you will pay more in your premium. The Mastercard insurance quoted me $152. Clearly cheaper than the $180 quotes, but nowhere near $65.


We just got back from a 1 week trip and I bought travel insurance from a company called Expert Travel Financial Security. This was an all inclusive package (medical, cancellation ect.) The cost was $105 for family, 2 adults and infant. My grandmothers coverage was also just over $100 and she’s 76. You can compare online quotes at Kanetix.com for the coverage you want. I have used this site most times when we travel.

Check it out
My comprehensive insurance for cancellation through Mastercard is 119.99 for the two of us, not each + tax (I think) for one year, that’s where I got my $65 each=$130 for one year.
I checked my insurance invoice for two people for 2 weeks in Feb. 09 and it is $252.68. Sorry, it was not RBC as I said before, but Manulife. So you can be sure I will buy insurance through MC for the next trips in 09/10, because we go to DR usually twice/year. We will also be covered whenever we go to the U.S.

Check out the website, the price for medical and cancellation is there also. My credit card company is MBNA and it’s through I Travel 2000. I also get dollars as reward. In 4 years, I used the reward dollars twice, and each time is was just over $600.00 rebate on my trip. Of course, everything goes on my card, including gas and groceries. I use my card like a debit card, so it’s paid at the end of earch month. This is not for someone who only makes the minimum payment every month, because of the interest they charge when you don’t pay in full.

One thing to make sure is that you ask the travel agent to give you a copy of what you are covered for befoe you spend the money on cancellation insurance. It gets really tricky sometimes. Last year my mother became deathly ill in January before our February trip and it was 99 percent that we could not make the trip. We contacted our travel rep and she contacted air canada and asked if we could just move our trip to a time that was farther away and not busy. They did not even want to talk about it, they just said no, that we would have to cancel our trip and then wait up to 12 weeks for our refund. This meant that we could not rebook until we had the funds. We even had paperwork from the hospital stating that we needed to be there and Air Canada came back with, a request from the doctors stating that my being at home /hospital with my mother was a necessary requirment for her health and well being. Well the doctors would not write anything that could cause them issues. I was basically screwed, but god willin and we were so thankful, she turned around 5 days before we were set to travel and the doctor said he would keep her in until we returned and she wanted us to go. So she is doing great now and we had a wonderful trip. However Air Canada did not do us any favors, and they continue to disappoint as I have just returned from living in Terminal 1 at Toronto Airport for 4 days without even a cup of coffee from Air Canada all we received from them is staff yelling at us… They really dropped the ball

Check it out
My comprehensive insurance for cancellation through Mastercard is 119.99.[/quote]

I noticed the above is only for Comprehensive Travel and not the one below it for Comprehensive Travel + Travel Medical (it doesn’t give the price for this).

Having had to use the Travel Medical portion one year it’s important to me to have this. If we didn’t have this coverage it would of cost us thousands out of our pocket and never reimbursed. We had to stay an extra week, hospital stay, medication, taxis etc. and the regular Comprehensive Travel would not of covered us.

Just be careful and read all the fine print when selecting a policy. Get the coverage YOU feel most comfortable with. It’s not worth it to be under-covered.

Happy and safe travels to all :sunglasses:

I forgot to mention that I have good medical coverage through work. But MBNA MC also have the medical and cancellation insurance. Sorry, I should have included it in my post.

We’ve had to use our medical insurance once and it was really worth it. As the saying goes: Don’t leave home without it!