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Travel kettle for Cuba


Hello everyone. Wanting to purchase a travel kettle that will work in Cuba, IB Ensenachos. Does anyone have one that works that they could recommend. Tried the immersion without any luck.


The best I found so far is Bonavita® 2-Cup Travel Kettle and Canadian Store Bed Bath and Beyond sells it for $44. This if from their website “This portable electric kettle is perfect for people who want hot water wherever their travels take them so that they can enjoy their favorite tea, coffee or hot beverage on-the-go. Quickly boils up to 2 cups of water and made of durable stainless steel.” Will this work in Cuba in specific resort I am not sure as I never been in that resort. Will it work in Cuba in regular house answer is YES it will. In Cuba in Cuban house they use same electricity as we use in Canada. Some resorts in Cuba have 220 V but I am not sure about IB Ensenachos as I never been in that resort. Maybe some of our members will know better. Anyone?

[img alt=“Travel Kettle” src=“http://s7d9.scene7.com/is/image/BedBathandBeyond/43197542679127p?qlt=85%2C1&op_sharpen=1&resMode=bilin&id=ID5Sl1&fmt=png-alpha&hei=581&wid=581” style=“max-width:100%;”]


There are a few choices here:


It would probably work. Any resorts I’ve stayed in (BV, Barlovento, and Kawama) all had 110 outlets. I would be tempted to just get a cheapy from Canadian Tire, just in case. We plugged my son’s laptop into one of the 110 outlets and it fried his power source and I believe the board (thank goodness it was under warranty). I’d be ticked if I were out more than $15 for a kettle. :slight_smile:


Many of the Spanish hotels have 110v in the dressing area for shavers and low power devices. I’m not sure I’ve used one yet that would power any kettle.

We use the room’s coffee machine for hot water. We take a couple of fast-food vinegar packs and use those with water flushes to descale and freshen the coffee maker first.
Works just great.

For computers, phones and such, we plug a power bar into the 220v line and plug all our stuff into it, once, and leave it plugged in…
For those familiar with Cuban power, the flashes and pops should only be tolerated once per trip.
It’s odd that a modern laptop power supply would have any problem, but that’s what replacement warranties are for.
Read the fine print on your ac adaptors, chargers and dongles to be sure they are multi (100v-220v) voltage.


Iberostar Ensenachos (Spa Rooms) have a 110v plug behind the DVD player in the bedroom - we didn’t try it but know others that did and it worked for charging …not sure about a kettle. There are coffee makers in the rooms if that’s any help!! ::slight_smile:


[quote=@desmei]We plugged my son’s laptop into one of the 110 outlets and it fried his power source and I believe the board…
[/quote]Holy crap! That absolutely should not have happened.

Was it by chance a really, really old laptop that for some reason wasn’t dual voltage? I’d love to know what happened…



[quote=@admin]The best I found so far is Bonavita® 2-Cup Travel Kettle…

[img alt=“Travel Kettle” src=“http://s7d9.scene7.com/is/image/BedBathandBeyond/43197542679127p?qlt=85%2C1&op_sharpen=1&resMode=bilin&id=ID5Sl1&fmt=png-alpha&hei=581&wid=581” style=“max-width:100%;”][/quote]
Just to confirm… that kettle is NOT dual voltage so you would have to be very careful what it gets plugged into, otherwise… boom!



[quote=@cheersterry]Just to confirm… that kettle is NOT dual voltage so you would have to be very careful what it gets plugged into, otherwise… boom!


Exactly you are very right. Its 110V ! Other problem is that it has ground line as well as many times in Cuba they do not have 3rd ground line.


So basically, it’s pretty useless in a resort hotel in Cuba because the 110 sockets in the bathrooms are only suitable for low draw items, such as electric shavers and battery chargers.


Thank you all for this, it’s appreciated. I have been looking at all mentioned. I guess I can find one in China but not having a look at the plug I will still have to take an adapter to plug the kettle into before plugging it into the outlet in the room. I know the coffee maker is there but it’s not hot enough for tea. I also have medication that require boiling water.


Was it by chance a really, really old laptop that for some reason wasn’t dual voltage? I’d love to know what happened…

[/quote]I know, right?! It was a 4 month old Toshiba with dual voltage. Toshiba was really great–we shipped it out on a Tuesday and had it back by the Friday, no charge. It may just have been a fluke, but he’d used it at home before the trip with no problems. I don’t think we’ll take major electronics to Cuba again. We had no issues charging my iPad (though it was slow to charge) or our phones (our camera died on day 3 of our trip, so no need to charge its battery).

Just a thought regarding the boiling water: your hotel might have a microwave you could use. There was one in the dining room at Kawama.


I don’t know anything about how good a product it is, but I found a dual voltage kettle on Amazon:

Also, just checked and the price is way better on the US Amazon site, but I don’t know whether there might be some extra costs for duty and shipping to Canada.

Another option might be to get a 120-volt one, and a good converter that can supply a high enough wattage to run it. But that would likely be more expensive.


@sunlover what do you think any of this kettles above and posts would help? What did you decide to do? Do you need kettle just to make tea in your room or something more important?


I have looked at them, just concerned about the 1000w, might be a little two high and blow. Not sure. Still looking. I did find a 220v in the USA so I sent and email to them to ask some questions. Hopefully they will get back to me with the answers and the shipping costs. I friend did tell me that she plugged her laptop into the socket beside the bed and it accepted the polarized plug on that without issue. I have been to this resort 6 times already and have never plugged anything in. LOL SO I didn’t pay any attention to the sockets. The kettle is for tea and some medication that I take requires boiling water. I was just going to the buffet but that gets to be a drag after a while so I thought I would purchase and have it always with me. I do appreciate everyone efforts in helping me with this.


I’ve been to Cuba at least 35 times and I have never had a problem finding a 110 volt outlet to charge or power a laptop or anything else. All modem laptops have power supplies that will automatically adjust for any voltage from 100-240 volts. The only problem that you may have is that there may only be a two prong outlet when you need a three prong one. You can buy an adapter for this or you can use a cheap Dollar Store extension cord that will accept the 3 prong plug on one end while having a two prong plug on the other end that plugs into the wall.

I don’t think there will be any problem using a 110 volt kettle in a resort. If you are that concerned you could always buy one of these. I saw one just like this in an Havana casa last week.



The problem as bellagio explained, is the 110v outlets in Spanish/European (220v design) hotels are for low power appliances only. Just enough Wattage for a shaver or to charge batteries. A typical shaver, laptop charger or battery charger would not exceed 15-100Watts while a kettle will want 500Watts and more.

Normal Cuban household power is 110v so Cuban homes and Casas would have no problem with high demand 110v appliances. It’s what they use.


I’ve used bees wax triple wick emergency candles that come in a tin to boil a metal cup of water for tea while traveling. Bees wax candles also help get rid of musty odors in hotel rooms, burn hot and last for hours.

[img src=“http://www.modernbushman.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/DIY_Emergency_Candles-51.jpg” alt=" "]


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