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Travel Show in Halifax

Maritime Travel has a travel show in Halifax each year - has anyone booked here? What is your experience and do you have any comments or suggestions? Are they cheaper than booking online? Thanks!

I remember talking to someone on the DR forum last year who booked their trip there at a really good price…I hadn`t even heard of it till then.

We booked the Melia CAyo Coco last year for a good price. Even if you don’t book at the show you get to meet some of the tour operators, tourist board, and resort reps.

Did you compare the price for the Melia Cayo Coco at the show to any websites?

We went to the show in HFX two years ago, I did my research before we went. I had quotes from online for Cayo Guillermo at the Iberostar and the Melia. They couldn’t even come close, they kept saying but you get the security of knowing you booked through a travel agent ad we are there for you should you have an issue in Cuba… ::slight_smile:
I’m like there’s a rep at the resort for the company I booked through so what else could I need?
They had no answer.
And I’m not talking chump change, there was a $300 per person difference.
We walked out and dropped into Flight Centre in Scotia Square and they beat my online quote by $50 a person, and I delt with a real human…lol.

The moral is do your research and shop around then shop around some more. ;D

Thanks Jethro - good to know. Does anyone else have any experience with this travel show?

We booked at the travel show in January 2006 and went for 2 weeks to the Gtand Playa Turquesa in Holguin nin March. We paid $3650 per couple for the 2 weeks…not too bad. We did have a problem with the agent we were dealing with…nothing seroius and it did not effect our trip. We were to get Areolplan miles which he was suppose to take care of…he never did…and months after they said they would give us our points if we sent them our boarding passes…which no one had any more…
I have already booked elsewhere for our trip in April…same resort…$3148 a couple for 2 weeks…

We have booked at the Halifax Travel Show (actually it is the Maritime Travel Vacation Superstore) for the past three years. While we agree that it’s more of an opportunity to speak with tour company and resort reps, there are also some very good deals. Normally, they have at least one great deal for each destination out of Halifax (Cuba, DR, Mexico, Jamaica and a cruise). Just don’t go looking for a great rate for March Break. It’s not going to happen.

In our most recent experience, we wanted a two week holiday and they were only promoting one week trips. Our TA took us directly to the tour company operator who came through with a great price for the second week which is something that would not have happened unless we spoke with him directly. There are also other perks to visitng the show, such as luggage give aways to early bookers, cheap upgrades, etc. This winter’s show is January 17 and 18, and that’s where will be booking our winter get-away.

I agree with Jethro, do your homework before you go. The security of an agent is a farce, your tour company rep will handle any problems you have. I go to this show for the contact with the tour company reps. If a Tour company that is not show sponser has a better deal they will not tell you about it. I always book with Sell Off or Itravel, but reading Jethro post I will check Flight Center this year. Remember they are all selling the same product, so like everything else you buy go for the best price.