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Travel time for Iberostar Bavaro to excursions


Hello Everyone:

 First of all, thanks to everyone for all of the information posted in regard to DR.  

 My husband and I are considering the Iberostar Bavaro for our winter trip this year but I have been told that any excursions you might take are very far away and that they tell you that it only takes a certain amount of time to get to them and in actuality it is about twice as far.  Is that true?  ??? Is there any place to go in town or is this a hotel where you will be staying with no real place to go unless it is a very long bus ride?  Thank you for any help.  redcocomo


I liked the outback Safari as they pick you up at the resort in the jeep (bus with no top) so your adventure begins right away. Some people were saying that the island/catamaran trip was 1 1/2 hour bus ride. Just make sure you ask your rep at the resort how many “real minutes” it will take. If you are considering a trip ask some people at the bar how long the bus ride was. You should get some straight answers.


We just came back from Iberostar yesterday. We went on the Outback Safari Tour - excellant day! Very informative. I always hesitated because of the heat but seeing that the truck is open, you always have a nice wind to keep you cool. We were picked up at the hotel at 9 AM and brought back around 5 PM.
We met others who went on the Soana Island tour and they said it was an 11 hour day and found it too long… They enjoyed it but they also took the Safari with us and thought the 2 trips were too much for a 7 day stay.