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Travelers staggered by Cuba's new customs taxes


Arriving at Montreal airport yesteray, I didn’t have to see a border agent. They a new automated system where you insert your declaration card and your passport into a machine and then get a receipt and waltz through. (or samba through as the case may be.)


[quote=@radar]"Gestapo" and "Nazi" are words and terms that should not be used lightly.
Think before you post.[/quote]

FYI I thought before I posted & the terms were [inot][/i] used lightly but after considering the options were the only apt ones to describe the situation. It’s time some Canadians took off the rose colored glasses as to what’s happening in the country, especially when Harper sides with Obama in voting to [ikeep Cuba out][/i] of the OAS (Organization of American States).


Without a real wholesale, distribution system in Cuba, newly minted restaurants can either buy their supplies from retail stores, thus creating more shortages for locals or use the “Mules” from the USA or wherever. Looks like the government wants revenue from that stream and…
Creates a further incentive for smugglers and the black market.


That sounds to good to be true??! Is this now in place for all passengers coming through the MTL airport? Would make things much quicker and easier I would think.

I am headed through there in a couple weeks, so hoping its that smooth an experience for me as well.


Here’s a link for the new procedure:


When your on the page, click on " New! Moreover, Canadian citizens and Canadian permanent residents can now use the new automated border control or ABC kiosks (click here for details)."


Ahh…so you still have to see a Border Agent, show your passport, your receipt’s, and your kiosk receipt as well.

I can see this taking longer, especially if people have a hard time using the machines and entering their info. I know I never have any receipts for anything I buy down south.

Eventually I can see this maybe being quicker, but if people use these machines like self check-outs and ATM’s, then I can only imagine the delays and frustrations.


The border agent is not at a booth though, they don’t ask you any questions. They just look to see that you received the receipt print out from the machine and off you go. There were quite a few machines and definitely the line was a lot faster.

there were a few employees showing people how to use the machine to speed things up. I think after a few months this should be quite a speedy process.

How they choose people for secondary inspections is a mystery to me.

I wanted to add, I hate self check outs in stores. I always avoid them. This is a much easier process. You enter passport and declaration card, machine spits out recept. It took almost a whole minute.


The new automated Canada Customs kiosks are great once you figure out how they work.

But, and it’s a big BUT, do not use the automated kiosk if you are bringing in and declaring more than 1.14 litres of alcohol. The minute you answer yes, the machine automatically spits out a different “receipt” which sends you to secondary inspection by an agent. The agent 's discretion is now limited or “compromised” based on your declaration and you’ll get sent to the cashier to pay the duties. This is exactly what happened to me when I ended up having to pay $42 in taxes/duties/liquor mark up fees for the extra bottle worth $38 that I declared at the automated kiosk.

Back to the topic of the thread, I don’t believe the normal all-inclusive traveller will be greatly impacted by Cuba’s new customs tax.