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Traveling alone


I have traveled alone extensively all over DR but I am a man. Looks like you are not.
Best advise I can give is to go to dr1.com and read everything you can on Sankies. Some, not all, resort workers “prey” on tourists with affection. As long as you make yourself aware of the rules of the game you can play or not as you choose.


Thanks for responding, makes me rethink this as the point of going on vacation is relaxing and drinking cocktails on the beach!


It’s not that big a deal. If you’re not interested, just say “no” and mean it. They’ll move on to easier prey. Over the years we’ve met several gals traveling alone and none had any issues. They associated with us, had a few meals and a dance partner and that was the end of it.


I have been traveling alone to the DR since 2005. You will absolutely get a lot of attention but as said above, say no and live your life the way you want to. You can take the approach of being closed off and reserved which will make you unappealing prey or you can be friendly and participate and let it be known that you want a good clean vacation with the intention of going home as you arrived.

Since 2005 I haven’t heard that women traveling alone are the victim of thefts or other crime on the resort any more than couples. Make sure you know where you are and with whom if you leave the safety of the resort. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t leave the resort, just do it with the appropriate amount of wisdom that going somewhere unknown in a foreign land has associated with it.

You may find like many of us do that once you travel alone, it’s hard to travel with another person in the future! If not hard, at least you’ll look back on your solo vacation with fondness and look forward to the next one.

I find that my vacations when I travel alone are different from those when I travel with others for reasons one might not anticipate. If I’m with a Dominican, the resort staff tends to speak to them on behalf of both of us in Spanish. At the same time, when I meet a confused face I tend to immediately let the Dominican translate for me and I don’t try harder to communicate like I do when I’m alone. When I’m with my mom, the dynamic changes and the staff want to take care of her instead of the way I get to know people when I’m on my own.

Enjoy the freedom that traveling alone affords you too! Do what you want when you want!



I have traveled solo to the DR a few times.
And like Kaki said, it’s very liberating and fulfilling to be able to do what you want, when you want.
For your first trip, my only advice would be to book all travel and excursions through reputable, english speaking companies. Now would not be the time to find yourself trying to translate and negotiate with the locals.
Other than that, be sure to mix and mingle with the staff and the guests. There will be many laughs and smiles to share, and people to meet from all over the world.
Oh, and take pictures!! Once you get back home you find that words don’t do it justice :wink:


Hi Londongal,

Like Kaki, Wendypavo and I suspect many others here I travel alone and have a wonderful time. I now have many Dominican friends that I spend a lot of time with and also many other holiday makers that I try to co-ordinate my holidays so we at least overlap a little so we can spend some time together on the beach and going to eat. We are not in each others pockets but it’s nice to have someone to chat with from time to time. That said I make a new set of friends every holiday, some I may never see again and others I keep in touch with and meet time and time again.

You will have a super time, just relax and let the sun and the rum work thier magic!!

Cheers Amandalou :-*

PS Where and when are you going? Maybe someone here will be there as well.


Thanks everyone, I feel much more comfortable in traveling by myself. I haven’t booked anything but I plan on going away March 8-12 week.


earlier this year i traveled to cuba…alone! joined this forum, asked the same questions, was really nervous, worried about what people would think ( i know, stupid )…
i had the best experience of my life…did the tours, felt abit awkward at first, but people will adopt you if you let them.
use your senses, be smart, learn a few spanish phrases, learn to dance…
do it…it was very freeing.


it maybe so fun traveling alone with a luxury car and so much money in your check but it is whole lot different to be going around with a special someone ^^, smile…


this year im travlling alone .i feel excited to be /and do what ever oi want to do…i dont need no luxury vehical./and no money .just an al inclusive …just be happy and be friends …i have been here with someone i loved /like the lady said .use your common sense and wits …if your a woman and u will be very okay…


[quote=@spreader2] .use your common sense and wits …if your a woman and u will be very okay…

Same rules for you guys there are plenty of ladies out there working in the oldest trade, so to everyone just be careful and have a lovely time.


Can’t fail to appreciate the humour in this one. The brand name on the clock radio in our room this year was “Sankey” … ::slight_smile:


I am a female planning on travelling to DR for the first time alone myself in a couple of weeks. Can anyone suggest a good hotel…not too expensive (those single fees kill ya)!

Looking forward to hearing the responses.



What area are you traveling to???



I would like to go to Punta Cana and stay in a 4 star or higher hotel. I’ve been looking at the Gran Bahia Principe Bavaro or maybe a RIU…unless someone can suggest a better hotel.


I love the Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe and the Majestic Colonial


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