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Traveling Solo at Xmas?


I am looking at the possibility of grabbing a last minute deal south somewhere.

Just wondering from those that have traveled south at this time or year, wondering if it is more couple/family oriented or if there are other singles in my situation who just want to get away during the holidays??

I know every situation is different, but in general do lots of solo traveler’s get away during the holidays or mostly families with kids thing?


Go to Samana, you missed it before, so go back…it was great


It’s defn on the top of my list for many reasons. I am just a little concerned that during the holiday season, it may be full of families and couples, leaving a solo traveler to feel out of place.

This would be a last min if it came along, am looking at booking for late Feb early March as well, so hopefully between the 2 I will get to see Samana.

But for anyone that has traveled at Xmas time…mostly couples and families??