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Traveling solo

My upcoming trip to Jamaica in July will be the first time that I have ever flown solo yet alone traveled out of the country…What are some inside tips that you can give me to help…of course my safety is my most important concern.  Thank you in advance for the input…

I can’t tell you about solo in Jamaica, but I have travelled alone many times to Cuba, which is a very safe destination. In Jamaica, if you are going all inclusive, I would suggest you do not leave the resort on your own. (in Cuba you can wander at will, with normal street smarts, no worries)

I agree with eeeefarm, do not go off of the resort alone! I found Jamaica to be quite a fast Country. There are a lot of movers & shakers working on and off of the resorts.

I left our resort alone and walked along the shore line and onto some private property on my way to the public Jamaican beach. The owner of one of the private island houses sent her caretaker to walk with me to the beach. We never did make it as the caretaker kept telling me I really should not be at the public beach alone as it is unsafe for tourists. He was going to walk me there and then head back to the beach house but I decided I did not need to see the public beach that bad and headed back with him.

As soon as you get off of the plane you will be offered Ganja. We were asked everyday at the resort if we wanted anything. They do have a Bob Marley tour from the resort where you can have special tea and special brownies. We did not go on the tour but the bus was full.

Even on the guided tours it is easy to be left standing on the street alone while everyone else has moved on so pay attention and keep up with everyone. I love to shop and a couple of times I was standing on the street wondering where everyone else was because I ran into a store and stayed too long.

Edit: I see you have been to different areas of Jamaica so you probably have a pretty good idea of how things work.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

Thank you eeeefarm…you certainly are making me want to travel to Cuba.  I have been to Jamaica quite a few times in the past, however, this will be my first time solo.  I know the routine at the airport, so that is a huge benefit.  I know about the buses to get to the hotel.  I guess that I will be nervous because I won’t know anyone at this resort.  I posted in the meeting place, but I have not had any responses.  I am able to strike up conversation with just about anyone, so I am sure that I will have no problem speaking to other guests.  Appreciate your thoughts and who knows, maybe next year I will go to Cuba. 

Freedom Ryder - thank you for your insight. Yes, I have been to Jamaica in the past and know all about the ganga sales. I have found that if you respectfully say no, they will pretty much leave you alone.

I am not planning on going off the resort during this trip. I am looking forward to just trying to relax in the sun and destress. Life this year has been a struggle, so I am looking forward to having my feet in the sand.

Honestly, when I think about it, it is more common sense…just don’t put myself in any situation that would allow an opportunity to be harmed. I do appreciate all of your advice.

[quote=@denises01]Yes, I have been to Jamaica in the past and know all about the ganga sales. I have found that if you respectfully say no, they will pretty much leave you alone.

Sometimes just not saying anything is the best :slight_smile: I find out if I engage into conversation is harder to deal with vendors everywhere in the world while I travel.