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Traveling the North Coast in Nov


Hello everyone, I have a question. We are usually independent travellers and we were thinking to rent a car and drive along the North Coast – either starting in Samana and ending in PoP or vice versa. Do you have any thoughts/recommendations on this? Also if we go around Nov 15th for about 7-8 days do you think that will be enough time? How is the weather at that time on the North Coast? We can also do this slow moving, driving trip along any other coast of DR if the weather on the SW, S or E would be better. Please advice. Thanks!


Weather will be lots more sun than (usually) but you can have a tropical shower any day, again not every day.

However driving here is VERY dangerous. If fact it is one of the deadliest places to drive in the world and not really for a first time visitor. Driving at night even worse. Roads in may places are in bad repair, traffic laws are ignored for the most part, local drivers have no road sense, most motos have no light at night and on and on. If you do drive make sure you get the full insurance package. In fact may places will not rent if you don’t. Also make sure the insurance includes “casa de conductore”. Here if you are in an accident with injuries or major damage EVERYONE involved goes to jail till they can sort it out (meaning till they can figure out how it was your fault) This can cost you a day or two of your vacation plus cost you $$$$$$. With casa de conductore you go to a hotel in Santiago under “house arrest”. Think of 1* hotel here.

Bottom line don’t drive.



I should add your home or credit card insurance is useless here.

As to time 8 days is enough time to do the coast.



I should add your home or credit card insurance is useless here.

As to time 8 days is enough time to do the coast.



I know that wasn’t what you wanted to hear, but I agree with every word bobk just said. I don’t know a lot of Dominicans as friends, but of the ones I do, two have been killed in auto accidents.


Hey thanks for the informative replies! You really know alot! So are you saying daytime driving along the northcoast is bad too? I dont mean for hours either – like from one town to the next – maybe an hour of driving each day? also how is the water at samana and at the north coast? is it shallow calm water in these places?


At least in the daytime you can see what’s going on. They’re getting better, but lane markings are merely a suggestion, traffic signals have progressed from indicators that the power is on today, and if all lanes are full, there’s always the sidewalk. Personally, I feel safest in a large bus with the three inch diameter brush-bars across the grill.
If you’re only talking an hours drive each day, possibly a taxi would be about the same price as a full day car rental. And then everyone can enjoy the view. Otherwise, all the driver will see is road, motorcycles, pedestrians, dogs and trucks …


ok great feedback and details. thank you! so is it doable to fly into samana, spend some time there, then crawl along the north coast reaching puerto plata? would this be doable by taxi for each leg? also, do we need a car in and around samana peninsula?


Renting taxi or private driver would be option as well and that could be great suggestion if you would consider.