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Traveling with 14th months baby for the first time


I’m planning my next trip and DR is my first choice, I have been in 2002 at Punta Cana and now I would like to return, but taking for the first time my 1 year old son.

Any one had experience in staying with small babies in DR?
My biggest concern is health and if Hospitals or medical Clinics are available or if the doctors are able to assist if something happen to the baby.

Thank you for your comments.

At 14 months, your baby should be eating pretty well the same food as you eat. However, you may have issues with the baby rejecting the milk served there. It’s usually powdered or the uht stuff and it does taste different.
If your child is healthy, there’s little likelihood that medical facilities will be required. You mentioned Punta Cana as the destination. If medical assistance is required, the tourist hospital there is first class. It’s not cheap, but then I’m assuming they think everyone has medical insurance. They do, don’t they? ::slight_smile:

We travelled with our 9 month old granddaughter and her parents and had no problems. Just be careful when he is in the bath tub that he doesn’t try and drink the water in the bath.

We had no problems whatsoever. The hospital opened in 2000 and has 70 beds. A lot of the resorts have on-site medical centres with a doctor and nurse, 24-hours a day.

Brings tons of sun screen for your son. I purchased a special netting that we put over her stroller when we took her for walks that prevented the uv rays from the sun getting through. As well, we have UV protected bathings suits for her as well.

Her Mom brought powdered formula and we used bottled water, supplied by the resort.

Good luck and have a wonderful time!

I always took down the VHF milk off the shelf + apple juice cause there was none in the DR.

Ours did not like the taste of the milk but on another note loved the ice cream so we pushed it all week. Everything worked out.

Hope this helps & Happy Travels!

VHF milk?
Surely you mean UHT (Ultra High Temperature Sterilized)?

I would take down milk and apple juice from home as sillyjilly said. It will be easier on your little ones system.

If it were me…I would take down some pedialyte as well…Better to have it and not need it. If Your little one ran into tummy troubles, you’d want to have that on hand. :slight_smile:

Good idea as well Cathy2004! It wasn’t around when mine were little.

LOL! & yes UHF!

Happy Travels!

Do not forget to carry extra nappies, baby food and try to contact local medical authorities in case you need any medical help.

Make sure that all the travel essentials are taken care of. These include vaccinations, travel insurance, and all the important documents. Check that there are doctors in the area in which you are staying, especially if someone in the family suffers from an illness. Also try and keep passports with you at all times, just in case of any emergencies.

Room spaces was great. We loved having a balcony off the main bedroom that had an amazing view of the ocean. The main bedroom had a very comfortable king size bed and the other room had two comfortable twin beds that converted to couches in the living area. The kids had their own beds. There was also plenty of fresh water to drink and a refrigerator for any food that was leftover from dinner. We always had fresh soft towels despite the fact that there were 4 of us.It was nice but not spectacular. Ask for the building Cortes. Good location and ocean view.