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Traveling with baby, just got back

I know there were a few new moms that were going to travel with their baby. We had a great trip. We flew with Air Transat and had the bulkhead seat so they could attach a bassinet to the wall, baby slept most of the way down (it was an overnight flight). Most people on this post stay at all inclusives but we had rented a condo in Cabatere. It was close to everything we needed and as previously mentioned the stores stock diapers and formula at reasonable prices. I took everything we needed (way too many diapers), but could have purchased them there. Our baby was a great traveler, no ear problems on the plane, the only thing now is I think he is still on Dominican time (4 hours different for us). The girls at the POP airport loved him, taking pictures of him with their camera phones and wanting to hold him. I could have stayed for a month, oh well next time.

Was it expensive renting a Condo?

The price for this one was around $1500 for a week or 10 days, I’m not exactly sure because we went with my parents, but the condo could sleep 6, had daily maid service,also was in a gorgeous spot.

how did you find it to book it?

I think it is great you traveled with a new baby! We are planning on starting a family and we are American (on the whole americans don’t seem to travel with new little ones, or at least the people we know) People think I am crazy when I say I would travel to the DR with a little one but it has been our experience that the staff at the hotels we frequent are great with kids. So thanks for the insperation

My parents had stayed there before in a different villa, you can see it online Olas de Oro, Cabarete.
We haven’t gone to any all inclusives now for a few years. I like staying off a resort, exploring the town,using my limited spanish to get around, finding great restaurants ( or sometimes bad ones). It’s just me but I feel confined at a resort, that you don’t really get to know the place that you are staying at.

To seaislegirl,
We got alot of that too, crazy to travel with baby. But we had to consider who was giving the advice. We have travelled quite a bit, winter vacations and summer motorcycle trips, though bike trips may be on hold except my husband has scoped out sidecars. Most people who were quick to offer advice against travelling didn’t travel themselves.

It can really be a good experience and bad at the same time what does matter is the thing that can go right for you i mean that is how things are necessary to be planned. SO yeah thinking of these things is fine enough and works for sure.

My elder sister is planning a trip with her 6 month baby. I would love to suggest her about this community so that she can fully prepare herself before leaving.