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Traveling with young children


My Husband and I want to take our twin girls on holidays for christmas 2009. By christmas the girls will be 22 months old.

i was wondering if anyone had pointer regarding traveling with young children and also if anyone had ideas for great hotels to go to that are very children oriented. I know the holiday inn in jamaica is a great spot for children. I am also looking for kids stay free places.

sorry i have another question, i was told if we do not purchasea seat on the plane that the girls would not be intitles to a luggage allowance. But is it free to bring the storrler and the playpen?

hope you can help,


Are your intentions to stay at an all inclusive? Or just pay by day?

You may want to look in to a resort that has a kids program, or babysitting service. The Melia`s have a real nice program like that.

What countries are you thinking of? IMHO I would keep my children as far away from Jamaica as I could.



Family Club Meds are fantastic for kids - I think (verify this) that the Ixtapa/Mexico and Punta Cana ones will have activities for kids as young as yours. The Marival in Puerto Vallarta too might be an option.

I don’t know about luggage allowances. If you don’t pay for a seat for the little ones, they will be on your knees the whole way, and charter planes (Air Transat…) have small seats & and leg room, and too very limited baggage allowances - you really should contact your TA or airline for information.


we have booked our trip. were going to blue bay cayo coco, on Dec 26th. it have a baby and kids club. i hope it have laundry facilities. since we have twins.


This is what the most important advice if you have children during the holidays. You must learn to count to 10, to rest, to expect the unexpected and just right to rest and play. If you insist on childhood stress. If you laugh, laugh. Enjoy your children, grown in the blink of an eye.


Not all flights are fully booked these days and it isn’t unusual for spare seats to be available - don’t be scared of asking if you can use them. The cabin crew will want your kids to be comfortable as much as you do after all.

Will Ferrell



Hi! Please share some ideas to travel with young Childs less than 15 months old. I am waiting for reply.


I am approaching you late lady because of my late arrival here .
Now your twin darling daughters will be 5 years old almost.
How quickly time passes. Please share with us your tour as a travelogue.


Thanks for these great tips. I will be traveling nest month with a 2 year old and a 8 year old. Hope i have a great holiday.


I have two kids of same age of 2 years.How can i handle them in a trip?help me.


Well, good question princejar, I have a 4 year old and a 6 year old, so it’s a lot of work I can tell you. Not just the work, but also the expenses you know, but I think they deserve it. :slight_smile:


Traveling in another country is so much more fun if you can speak the national language.


Travelling with kids has always been a concern for everyone. Though, it’s too late to respond on this thread; I would like to mention few hacks for parents travelling to Jamaica with their younger ones.
If you are travelling to Jamaica with kids; it’s suggested to pre-arrange baby food and other necessary stuffs at hotel. This can be a real concern, if you are beating the league and booking your stay at some hotel that doesn’t adopts the family resort feel.
Be careful enough while renting cars in Jamaica; as most of the agencies don’t offer safety seats here. It’s better to pre-arrange one for your little one. Also, check your airline policies for the stroller & playpen thing. As few airlines have strict guidelines and they stick to them; it would be tough to guide regarding this (without knowing the preferred airline).

Quick Pointers:

  • You need to pre-arrange baby food and other necessary stuffs at hotels (other than family resorts)
  • If you are renting a car; then you need to be sure as most of the agencies don’t offer safety seats here.
  • Consult your doctor (prior planning); as many vaccines are not approved for use in children and pregnant women
  • Avoid drinking tap water


Welcome to Debbie’s Laurie. Thanks for your thoughts.
Are you traveling in India this week?


Not now @Spunky
However sincerely will try in another season due to the fact this time I’m busy for Christmas and New yr parties in London.

I suppose in comparison to India Europe has greater celebrations possibilities, so I always try to rejoice Christmas and New Year Eve in the London (My homeland).


Jamaica is a great spot for children. I always choose Jamaica if I go with family or children.