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Travellers cheques


What’s the consensus…good or bad idea??? If I buy them in Canada and get them in American Funds, would that be a problem or should I just carry cash? Last time we went we took cash and had no problems. 90 days and counting…Cheers…Raine :sunglasses:


I get travellers cheques in American funds and I also bring cash in $1 and $5 that I use for tipping and for small purchases. If you do bring travellers cheques, get them in $20s, that way, you can cash them as you need them and you won’t end up with a lot of pesos you won’t use.


My advice is to take US cash only. I have been to the DR twice (going back in 3 weeks) and have found that paying for excursions, taxi’s, trinkets and trash is much easier with cash.

Just get a safe at your hotel and when off the resort keep your cash separate from your purse like in your socks, under your inserts in your shoes or get a form fitting money belt.


Definitely US $. in small denominations. My sister just picked up our $ all in $100’s. I’m taking it back to the bank to change into $20’s. If you use your credit cards. keep your receipts and check your statements closely. We had a problem last time with over charging.

2 more sleeps!!!


Traveller’s checks in mostly 20s…they exchange easily. Some 50s are ok for trips and big ticket items. Lots of US 1$ and 5$ for tips. Enough cash in various amounts to make things covenient, but I still use the traveller’s checks …well, just because you never know what may happen. :sunglasses:


I don’t carry anything bigger than a US twenty, anything else is a hassle to change. I prefer the smaller bills because if you are paying the vendors in dollars, there is less chance of mathematical error in the receiving of change. We also take about $100 US in ones between us for tipping, we collect a few every time we go to the bank.


We asked this same question before we went to PUJ.

I was surprised to find out that we should forget the travelers cheques and take US cash. We thought we would be following the same line of reasoning as we did when we were in Mexico - Take US travelers cheques, cash them in for US cash at the front desk of our resort.

But in the DR when you cash a travelers cheque you need your passport everytime you cash one and you don’t get US cash back, but RD pesos which is okay, but I think you have better bartering power with US.

We took about $140 in ones, some fives and tens and a few twenties. We took 2 fifties - used 1 as part of a purchase with a hut vendor and brought the other one home. BTW we ordered the US $$ about a week before at the bank. I was glad I asked because the teller told me they don’t usually keep a lot of US cash, especially not a lot of ones.

We tipped lots and still brought home about $30 worth of ones. Actually we brought home a little less than half of all the US money we brought.

Once you have made your souvenir purchases and go on an excursion or two, there isn’t much else you need cash for anyways. We went on one excursion and used our credit card for that.

I was not that comfortable getting the cash from home to the safe in the DR. But of course once it was locked up I relaxed. I am so used to carrying TC’s.

We didn’t have any problems but I have been thinking that the following could be a problem:

As carrying US cash seems to be to most recommended way to go, the bad guys know that too, so I wonder if it doesn’t make everyone more vulnerable to robbery.

If you are a women and like most carry it in your purse, then going through security or being searched leaves you especially vulnerable when you have to let go of it.

Then the one I fear the most, leaving my purse behind.

Leaving it in the safe and being away from your room all day is a whole different kettle of fish. Someone has to have the master key or a master code for the electronic ones, otherwise what would resorts do with the percentage that loose the key or forget the code?

You really are relying on the trust of the resort that they don’t have a master key or code, but logically there has to be. What happens to that safe, if I close the door and put my code in as I am checking out? I doubt if they replace the actual safe.

So if everything goes smooth I will always carry cash to the DR, but the minute I loose said cash or robbed, I guess I will be carrying US travelers cheques.

PS: you might say to yourself, have your hubby carry some of the cash, sure, but when you are dealing in such small denominations, it ends up being a pretty big wad, so having him carry half or what ever, is pretty hard to keep in a wallet or pocket, etc. Same with the things you wear under your clothing, it is going to look bulky and may make you a target.


We take US $1 & $5 for tipping. We take about $400US cash in 20’s & 50’s for shopping and gambling. We take an emergency reserve in US trav. chq. of $500. If your resort has a casino, they will cash the t/c and give US in return…not like at the lobby cashier where pesos rule. So, if you feel safer with t/c, there is another option without getting stuck with pesos.


Good info about changing the T.C.'s at the Casino’s. I never would have thought of that one.


I never had any trouble even with the venders cashing TCs …they even gave US$ cash for change. The only place that says it is policy to return pecos is the hotel desk. I also take some cash just in case but never had a problem. Good point Lillybelle, someone doe’s have to have the Master. I have had a couple of things missing from my room but nothing from the safe. :sunglasses: