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Traveller's Cheques

Hi all.
This may be a stupid question but I truly have no idea so here it goes…
We are leaving for Punta Cana on Sunday and staying at The Melia (where we will be getting married).
Instead of carrying a lot of cash and charging our credit cards for all of our wedding related expenses we’ve been advised to use travellers cheques.
My questions are this…

Are there places to cash traveller’s cheques at the resorts (specifically The Melia)?
Let’s say something costs $600 and your traveller’s cheque is in the amount of $1000…do they give you you change back in cash?

As you can tell I’ve never travelled with travellers cheques before and am completely clueless!

Personally, I wouldn’t get them in denominations larger than $100. The resort should accept the cheques same as cash, but would not want to turn over lots of change.

so that’s how it works…they provide your change in cash?

Usually your change will be in peso’s, you will have to insist on $US change and they may not have enough, take your travellers cheques for your wedding expenses but in 100$ cheques.

Right. Take a mix of denominations. $20, $50 and $100. You may get writer’s cramp when you have to sign them, but it makes it a lot easier to get toward the right amount and minimize the amount of change required. Usually they can do the change in $US but as hlywud points out, they may try pesos.

Also if you use the cheques for anything else you will more then likely have to show your passport.

I was just going to mention that. And you may even need it for the wedding expenses, so be prepared. Usually they’ll accept a photocopy of your passport info page.

I would also advise checking with the hotel before you go. We have found in the last few years that a lot of places have stopped accepting Travelers Checks, because there are a lot of counterfeit ones coming out of Eastern Europe and other parts of the world.

electracity: Almost forgot, I hope you have a wonderful wedding and everything goes well for you