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Travelling Alone


Does anyone have any suggestions which tour operator offers the best option for single lady travelling alone out of TO? One option not being looking for action! Just want to relax, eat, drink, read. Prefer AI. Probably looking at POP or PC. Thanks for your help.


I travel alone but I go to the south of the island. I am not a lady but have met many other singles at the hamaca in Boca chica. Men and women. I usually book with sell off, but once you add single supplement I don’t know which agency is best. If you are not looking for action, I will suggest you stick to a minimum 4 star resort. I find with 3 star there are more singles looking for other singles to party with, were 4 star resorts there are more Conservative guests IMHO any way. ;D


Talk to a travel agent. There are resorts that do not charge a single supplement fee.



I have travelled alone many times. I book using itravel2000.com or expedia.ca and usually find the best deals with Signature or Sunquest.


Hi Jetmiss, I nearly always travel alone and prefer it that way. I have used Thomas Cook, Thompson and First Choice, I normally have to pay a single supplement but it’s worth the extra to have my own room and the choice to come and go when I want. I stay in the Victoria Resort in Playa Dorada, Puerto Plata, small, only 190 rooms, not child oriented so not many kids but many couples, singles and friends, most ages and all happy to make more friends.

Cheers Amandalou :-*


Jetmiss I have travelled to Playa Dorada 2x by myself. I found that the single supplements varied greatly depending on the hotel (some it was almost double the price). I stayed at Fun Royale last Jan and it was only about $80.00 more. It’s a nice 3* (more like 3.5) and a good value for your money. I have stayed at that hotel twice and always find a good mix of singles, families and couples.


Consider Breezes POP. They do not charge a single supplement. We were there 2 years ago and had a great time. Security was present at all hours so your safe as a single traveller and if you don’t want to participate in any activities, they are good for leaving you alone that way.

I know Sunquest offers this resort, and I think Air Transat may as well.

Good luck in your search!