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Travelling inland with kids

we are going to puerto plata in april, and are thinking about travelling inland to visit relatives. my husband doesn’t really know his way around since he was raised in canada. so we would either want a relative to pick us up, or take a caribe tours bus to the city we want to go to. we have a baby and toddler with us. since we won’t be using carseats, would it be safer to take a bus than drive in someones car with the kids in our laps? any tips or ideas?

Try and get relatives to pick you up, sit in the back seats and if possible strap toddler down, depending on size of baby may even be possible to strap that one down as well. Bus travel ok but takes much longer as many stops to pick up and put down people. Jahibe (sp?) tour buses go all over the place and run from the middle of PP. How far are you going? Might be worth getting a price from one of the local taxi’s. Also how good is your/your husbands Spanish? It all makes a difference when asking for prices. Good luck and hope you have a super time.

Cheers Amandalou :-*

If traveling with children, keep things to occupy them so that you can keep your attention focused on the driving, where your attention should be. This top ten safe travel tip is one of the most important.

  1. Be aware of how is around you at all times. Make sure that you are paying attention to where you children are, and where others are located in relation to them and to you.

What point or points are you traveling to inland? It may provide a better platform for the posters to provide you a more informed decision as to your transportation mode or modes.



it;'s good to travel inland with kids. but also care your kids as per the environment you should bring more and more warm clothes for kids. you can enjoy the tour with you r kids more but always care for their health.

The local taxi’s is good idea, but you must be careful, some driver are “untrusted”. Maybe you can find some “handing company” in internet. When I was in Krakow (with my kids 2, 4, and 7) I used the professional transfer services. I recommend you to find similar company. When you have child the safety is the most important :wink:
Good luck

How was your journey?
Everything was fine?

How was your journey?
Everything was fine?

Yeah taking a bus would suit you for sure, because i have been traveling through them for quite a while now and it always goes right for me when it comes to taking care of the things which are the need so yeah that is how all works which is helpful.