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Travelling to Sirenis la Salina

We are travelling to the Sirenis on Mar 20th with 2 families of 4 and wondering if anyone has any suggestions on the best location to possibly request a room in??? We have a 3, 6, 7, and 9 year old… As well we have 2 grandmas coming with us in another room… Any suggestions would be helpful

Which tour operator are you traveling with? Most have a set block of rooms allocated to them.

We were there in January with Air Transat. If you want quiet try Block 36 or those around it, but get a garden view otherwise you will looking at the construction site next door. We had a 3rd floor room in Block 30 and it was not noisy after 18:00. It was right across from the Baby Club and the activity pool. Once the pool bar closed and the “Ole, Ole, Ole” singing stopped it was very nice. That side gets sun in the morning. The Block on either side were Air Transat Cameleon rooms.

I was there last winter. It’s a huge resort. There are golf carts always driving around, though, and you can flag one down for a drive.