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Travelling with a one year old

Hi, this will be my first time taking a baby south with me - guess he’s not a baby really anymore - he’ll be one on Saturday! Any tips from people out there who’ve done this already? What to bring, not to bring, etc?
thanks in advance!!!


check out this link


And also the link inside that thread.

Hi melss,
Wow a one year old!
You’ll get a load of links here, but you have survived a year so we don’t need to cover the basics.
When you decide where you want to go, you should ask again about that resort.
By example, some resorts have a bug problem. Days for some, nights for others.
Some don’t have good shade.
Some are just too rowdy next to certain buildings, certain times.
You can repost asking “One year old at the ------ Resort Any Help?” or whatever you like.

Thanks for the link, I’ll check that out - I did try to do a search, but didn’t really come up with a lot so I thought I’d post.
We have booked the Iberostar Playa Alameda, I posted a thread, but haven’t received many replies, perhaps I’ll repost with the title you suggest.
thanks so much!

Hey melss,
I’m pretty sure if you repost as " Is the “Iberostar Playa Alameda” Baby Friendly? "
You will get lots of answers.
Are there allergies? If so, spell it out and the community will help, too.

Hey melss,

We travelled last year to Playa Pesquero with our 16 month old and I know exaclty what kind of trepedations you’re feeling. This site was great with helping us so I in-return will try and contribute. Most of the main things have already been noted either on your post or there’s another about a 15 months old as well; but here are a couple odd things that worked well for us.

  1. We brought a large sheet of thin plastic (cheap painters drape) and completely wrapped the crib mattress and sealed it with duct tape just to make sure anything that was growing or crawling in it wouldn’t make it’s way out.
  2. We brought duct tape to help baby proof the room (and because I’m an engineer and never leave home without it).
  3. Although some people think they’re cruel, we brought one of those babay backpacks with the “leash” so that our little guy could get a little bit of freedom to explore.
  4. A DVD player to amuse the little guy on the plane (they’re allowed in Cuba now).
  5. Stroller was a must for us.
  6. Gatoraid powder just in case they get dehydarted.
  7. Small container of dishsoap to wash the soothers and bottle nipples.
  8. A few beach toys like a shovel, bucket and truck.
  9. BandAids for any scraps from the concrete walkways.
  10. Numerous jars of baby food (vegetables) just to make sure they get something familiar. We also included some jars of apple juice to make them want to drink as much water as possible. Include their favorite sippy cups.

Hope this helps!

domeco - really great ideas!

Shade I think is critical as a sunburn at that age is really bad. With fair skin it could happen in a very short amout of time in the tropics.

I would also be careful about putting the child on the sand - 2 reasons -

  1. the parasites in the sand as baby’s put everything in their mouth &
  2. the sand fleas. My feet to knees were “really loved” by the sand fleas last trip to Cuba - I could only imagine the discomfort a baby would have if bitten 1/2 as bad as I was.

Thanks all for your ideas - there should be a running list of what to bring, etc - I’m sure there’s probably one out there somewhere lol. Now I get to start mine! Looking forward to it!!! Thankfully my doc gave me a prescription for an antiobiotic that I can have in powder form & mix there if needed… phew. the joys of travelling with a babe :slight_smile: