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Travelling with children

Anyone travel with their children?
Do you know of any resorts that offer ‘family’ rooms??

We (hubby and I) are taking our first vacation/late honeymoon in 5 weeks, but we’ve been thinking about planning a family vacation for next year.

we are looking for ideas/places that wont kill us financially…

we have 5 children, so i know that is going to make it more pricey.


What area are you looking at? If Puerto Plata the Holiday Village Golden has family rooms and 2 bedroom rooms.

Looking to go anywhere that we can afford… lol
some decent but less exspensive… kwim??

we are open to suggestions for ANYWHERE.

mamax5… the north coast is less expensive and in my opinion much better, for many reasons. Any of the Playa Dorado resorts will meet your criteria.

Ditto the Playa Dorada suggestion. We’ve taken our children there three years in a row and they have loved it. The Holiday Village has great kids’ activities and a neat little section with some water slides and sprinklers that is fun.

Keep looking for the resorts where kids stay and eat free. We’re doing the Sun Village in Puerto Plata this year, since we only have to pay for the flight for both of the children.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

We are trying out the Ocean Sand in Punta Cana with our kids. We heard that it was good for kids. We love the beaches in Punta Cana.

we always travel with kids and enjoy our selves , we just returned from iberostar and they did stuff non stop during the day with the staff and activities. it was great we had our time with our friends and the kids had their time. we spend the money on a few sets of two way radios and they were the best investment.

Yeah i feel iberostar is the right option when it comes to figuring what is gonna suit us most of the times and how it remains in all the ways so yeah sticking to something which is an appeal to the right thing makes sense mostly and that’s how it goes.