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Trip cancellations and delays


Another stopover hotel question…

How often has your (winter) flight plan changed so drastically that your stopover hotel plan was affected? Often? Infrequently? Timing changed, but didn’t affect plans in any way?

I am looking at booking a hotel in Toronto for my stopover in January. I have a chance at a steal of a deal, prepaid, non-refundable. Or I can pay $5 MORE for a hotel on a busy corner by the airport, with fewer dining options and fewer creature comforts, but refundable. (Or I can pay $20 more for a good hotel, refundable if need be. I’m trying to cut costs though, so that’s option 3 at this point.)

Opinions please on the chances of my being left holding the bag on my pre-paid non-refundable room if weather presents a problem or other airline issues result in a delay or my non-appearance on that reservation day.

Thanks seasoned travelers!



If I were you Kaki, I would pay the extra $5 for the cheaper but refundable option just for the peace of mind. Hopefully you won’t be there long so the lesser amenities shouldn’t be such a problem.

We’ve only had to stay at a hotel once when we flew out of Toronto. The rest of the time we have flown out of Ottawa or Montreal.



Well think of the hotel as all part of the vacation. Splurg a little, treat yourself, and have a great vacation.


Excellent advice, Halina, and how I am definitely approaching vacation season 2006!! But I am saying that (way) too often these days while trying to fund 2 beach vacations between January and April!! Difficult to stretch my meager salary that far, so every $20 counts. I’ve cut out groceries too! Living on about $45 for food per month. It’s all worth it though… ;D

Thanks for the support and positive spin!


We agree. We always spend a bit more to make the stayover enjoyable… We have never had our stayover date change (20+ trips), so the non-refundable issue has never comeup.


Hey Kaki, I would want to save whatever extra I could also, as it is mucho dinero more to fly from lovely Saskatoon than from Toronto. But if you have luck like me, I would spend the extra fiver just to be sure.


You didn’t mention who you were flying with. I think some carriers make more changes than others. In 7 trips we have had our plans changed twice. The first time it happened, the entire flight was cancelled in February for an April departure. We had to move our trip ahead one week. It happened again for my trip coming up in April 2006. I thought I was leaving on April 19th, as of right now, I have no idea when we will be leaving. They are still trying to work out scheduling. Go Travel Direct was the carrier in both cases.


I’m flying with Air Canada Vacations. I think there is lesse chance of the major changes that may affect other smaller or charter airlines, but weather affects them all equally.

I also fly out really early on stopover day so even if my flight didn’t go out in the morning, I’d like to think that I’d get to Toronto by bedtime. If I missed the flight out of Toronto, I don’t know how that would work…their next flight goes days later! I was, however, delayed 2 hours this year so I tell myself that they will fly at their first opportunity rather than cancelling the flight altogether.

Thanks for the continued input!



I wouldn’t count on that Kaki. We flew Air Canada to POP in April and a week before we were scheduled to leave they canceled our flight from St. John’s and moved us up a day to depart from Halifax. They tried to tell us that we gained an extra day but in reality we landed at 1:00 am instead of 10:30 am. It was nice but we all had to take an extra day off work which went over well and we 14 hours sitting around Halifax airport.


Glad to see that I am not the only one cutting out on comforts so that I can fund a second holiday!!! Eat who needs to eat??? :wink:


Kaki I know you are a very resourceful person who will find the best way to work out your vacation. Take everyones advice and go with your gut felling and everything will work out just fine.