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Trip cancelled-- but booked another one!

Our flight to Cayo Coco just got cancelled due to Paloma… so we got a refund from Air Canada Vacations and promptly booked another last-minute trip to Varadero (with a different tour operator- AC Vac had nothing to offer us). Varadero (hopefuly) won’t be affected as much by the hurricane.

So do not despair, if your flight’s been cancelled… see you in Cuba!

P.S. I’m packing extra relief supplies for the Cuban people who aren’t so lucky.

Sorry to hear that your original flight got canceled. That is great that you were able to book another flight right away to another part of Cuba.

I am sure your relief supplies will be of great use to who ever you donate them to.

Have an awesome vacation. :wink:

Freedom Ryder 8-)…