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Trip countdown


Okay… I have tried to do the vacation countdown thing and guess I am dumb or something. How do you do it?! I went to caribbeanmag and went through the whole thing, but when I cut and paste it into my signature box, it doesn’t work! AAUUUUGGGHHH!!

??? Please help!! Thanks.


I can try, but…
I went to the site to see how this one works and it appears down at the moment.
I could get a cached version which doesn’t help.
I don’t know what you cut and pasted into your signature file, and I can’t get at it to modify it.
I believe admin can.
When the site is back up, try it again. Hopefully I can see what shows up in your signature and suggest changes. If not, wud will be back by Monday and I’m sure he can fix it.


this is a test…this is only a test…

Rosie - PM me your email address


string sent that should work. See my sig right now.


Gracias!! Here goes…

37 days!!


woops, forgot to paste!!


take the carriage return out from between img and noborder

make it img noborder (you need the space char)


i am hopeless!


You are soooooo close now. See above


how bout you just leave my countdown on your signature and i’ll just look at yours… :wink:


Don’t want to confuse myself. I’m not going there :o


Eureka! We have the technology!


i need a coco loco
You buying?


yay!!! muchas gracias senor!!!


No problemo. Glad to help.