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TripAdvisor Charitable Donations

While there have been prior discussions about TripAdvisor with varying points of view - here is one post about TA on which I hope we can all agree…

TripAdvisor announced a while ago that they were going to donate $1,000,000.00 to charity and asked their posters to vote as to which of five charities received money.

The votes are in and the winners are EVERYONE!!!

[b]Here’s where the $1 million will go:

  • $392,000 Doctors Without Borders

  • $347,000 Save the Children

  • $137,000 The Nature Conservancy

  • $70,000 Conservation International

  • $54,000 National Geographic Society[/b]

Worthy causes all.

A big up to TripAdvisor for these donations, irrespective of personal thoughts about other aspects of their business.


Yeah, I saw that. I couldn’t figure out how to add BTBCF to the charity list … :frowning:

I tried but to no avail, I guess you need to be Worldwide recognized.

At least their money is going to some good causes.

The 2 that got the most money will help kids in need and I’m sure they visit DR on an ongoing basis…