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Tropcial Storm vs. MikesMarina - Bebe


Has anyone does this excursion on the Bebe with MikesMarina?

I have read about the excursion on their website and it seems the same as the Tropical Storm except without the “booze cruise” part of it.

Just wondering, is it really a “quite” cruise or is there still some fun to it? And I believe it is about $90 for tropcial strom and $75 for the Bebe…is tropical storm worth the $15/ea p/p difference??

:-/ Thanks


I’m interested too, we went on the Tropical Storm Cruise without the lobster dinner 3 years ago.We hit a storm 20 min. in and were told it was canceled and would get our money back.Next day us and another couple went to the lobby to be re-reimbursed but never happened . The TS Cruises office said no , only re book. We had to leave the next day so $150 US down the tubes. :’( I just hate being lied to.


Both are similar, TS has larger boats


It is very similar but not the same. TS does pay much more attention to the “FUN” part of their excursion starting before you even leave the beach.


in no way the same Activities.
Tropical Storm is a Fun Cruise run on very Large Catamarans with Animation Team on Board and Dance and such activities on the Boat.
Catamaran BeBe runs in much smaller Groups, max would be 20 Customers per Tour, a relaxed Cruise along the Coastline where music is played, but as background Music. of course here also drinks are served and snacks and fruits etc, but the focus is less on drinking as quick as possible the Cuba Libres or Beers, lol. the small Group on BeBe has the advantage that You have a much more personal assitance by Your Snorkel Guide in the Water, the Large Groups on TS have the advantage to make it a lifelier Party aboard due number of participants.
2 very different products for 2 very different clientels.

Happy Sailing



Hi Mike … do you know ?.. are we able to book the Catamaran BeBe excursion thru our tour operator at our resort ( don’t ever remember seeing it in a tour operator book) or would we book thru a beach vendor … thanks, jan


None of Both,
but I would not be allowed to post You the Website link here where to Book, as I run the Business named “The Punta Cana Excursions Corner”, so it would be selfpromotion, and such is not allowed on a Travel Forum.
do a Google about 'The Punta Cana Excursions Corner" and You will find it right away, or maybe some other Poster, not related to the Business, will Post the Link.



He can’t, but I can.
Try http://www.excursionscorner.com/excursionsmainpage.html


…Bob … thanks for the link :slight_smile: … mike … sent you a personal message … hope to see you soon :sunglasses:



The Punta Cana Excursions Corner

Mike’s Marina Fishing Charters SRL.

Happy sailing…