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Tropical Princess

Hi there,

Has anyone recently stayed at the Tropical Princess? Would like to know your over all reviews. Also want to know if there is an in room safe and how do you know where to find your bus that takes you to your resort?


Partial answers:

  1. Not been there, so can’t review.
  2. Not seen a resort that didn’t have an in-room safe. Normally there’s a nominal charge of about $15-$20 per week. Hopefully someone can fill in the actual current rate.
  3. You seem to be posting from Ontario, so I’m assuming you’ll be travelling with one of the major tour operators (Air Transat, Air Canada, Nolitours, Westjet, Sunwing etc) in which case your transport to and from the hotel is provided. OK, after you clear immigration, have your baggage and have cleared customs, search out your tour company representative in the arrivals area. They are EASY to find. Tell them what hotel and they tell you which bus will be taking you to your hotel. Normally they’re marked with large numbers or alphabet symbols in the front window. Proceed to the bus with the appropriate marking. Double check with the driver about the destination and don’t board until you physically see your baggage loaded onto the bus or luggage trailer. Keep a few bucks handy for tipping the driver, tour guide and luggage handlers …

We just got back from Caribe Princess, sister resort. They do have safes but when you check in be sure to ask for one as they need to give key and lock. I think it is around $24 for the week. Nice resort.

How is the beach at Caribe Princess and Tropical Princess??

The beach is really great. when we were there the first few days the waves were quite large. Good for body surfing…then the rest of stay was much calmer and more normal for that area of beach

I agree with the prior post, beach area is excellent. wide and nice and flat, great for walking