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Tropical Storm Gone for good :-(


Wow i was just talking to one of my friends that worked for Tropical Storm he told me the owner sold all his boat and the Excursion is no more :’( :’( :’( lot of good times gone


Yup Simon and the gang moved on to better things. There is a new owner though, but don’t know what his plans are with regards to trips. Going to try to find out when we are there in 4 weeks from now.

Still have a trip voucher from Tropical Storm that the new owner won’t honour, so going to go see him personally and discuss this with him. Guess I am out $160. But hey that’s the business world.

Sad…this was a very nice tour. Took both the sunset and the lobster tour and enjoyed both.


wow ill be there in 28 more days :slight_smile: