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Tropical Storm tour


Hi…just wondering if anyone has been on this tour lately? Current cost per adult? How long are the tours…half/full days?

Giant waterslide? I see from their website that they stop for a bit for people to try out this huge slide on the beach…at what resort is this slide located? I’m sure I’ve seen some pics from a resort along the stretch, but can’t remember which one?

Tropical Storm website…I’ve included the link to this site here on my thread (see below) When you first open it, they start a pretty catchy tune and I’m having it stuck in my head all day! lol Not a bad thing of course! ha ha However, I can’t figure out who sings it and even what it’s called? It seems like a song from Jamaica…or might even be Bob Marley?

If anyone knows of some info. for the above…please share and thanks! We’re definitely doing this tour this year…missed it last year by booking too late!




[quote=@delxrider] Current cost per adult? How long are the tours…half/full days?


When the website opens click on the Tours and all the info is there.

A very well run and reputable company.


WOW…this tour is awesome! Did this tour 2 years ago! It was the highlight of our trip. The crew made this tour. We had a Canadian Girl as our hostess…can’'t remember her name, she was fantastic. The whole crew kept us entertained. Enjoy!

To add…they picked us up at our resort…They have an open bus that picks up at the resorts!


Roughly how much???


I have been emailing them this morning…sounds like a great time…and the prices are good also…the video on their site says it all!!! ;D


Yeah…we can’t wait to try this one!! Everytime I go to the site and that song plays and watch the video again, I get more pumped for our vacation and this tour! Not to mention the song get stuck in my head all day! lol lol That’s a “Good Thing” though! ha ha


Hate to be the different one but , we paid $70.00 each for the tour with the snorkeling in 08 .A big storm came up and the tour was canceled.We were told we could either get our money back or re-book another time. The next day we and another couple from our resort tried to get our money back but could only get to go another time.We had to leave the next day so we lost out on $140.00 us. We would like to go on another catamaran ride ,with a different company. >:(


all i can say great time … cost us about 85 -89 $ they pick you up and drop you off at the IFA resort to start off …and thats were the slide is half way they stop and while you go for a slide they pick up lunch and then your back on your way … :sunglasses:


We did this tour last year and I believe the cost was $90 USD. It was a fantastic time and we will be going back for this tour when we arrive this year. Highly recommended!


Hey guys…we just did this tour a few days ago…it was a great time…was just around $89 per person and they have full day and a couple that are 1/2 day (evening)…they picked us up around 8ish in the am…and we were back to the resort before 3 in the afternoon.

It was a wonderful time…broke the week up alittle…nice drive thru the area to get there.

If the weather is fine…pack light…sandles, sunglasses, sun screen, camera & ball cap…

They look after you fantasticly…if you want the video at the end of the trip…make you sure you play up to the camera throught the trip :slight_smile: You will enjoy the video more when ya get home .