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Trying Samana this year - with kids

Wow, there doesn’t seem to be much traffic over here.

This year I think I might take the family to Samana - we’ve done Punta Cana and La Romana and one trip to Mexico. We’re looking for a new adventure. This is also the first year that I haven’t booked in late summer for our February trip. That’s because the past few years it seems the price drops as the months go by. We’re not totally fussy where we go, so I thought I’d wait this year. Now I’m getting anxious to book.

We’re looking at trying the Conquest Bahia roulet, which gives THEM the choice of putting us in the Cayacoa or Portillo. I can’t decide which one I’d like better, so maybe I’ll leave it up to them. It doesn’t cost much more for me to choose which one, though.

Our kids are 10 & 12. We like a big room (jr suite, probably), a big pool with shade (cause that’s where we’ll spend most of the time), good food, and other kids to play with. I like a short drive from the airport because I’m already sick enough before I get on the bus, but I don’t think either of these is too close. I’d also like some snorkelling off the shore because we’re not likely to take a boat to a reef.

Any words of advice?

We really wanted to try it & we were looking to book the Gran Bahia Principe Samana & then it apparently closed for the winter??? So we are exploring our options.

I am an American with a very small tour guide/ taxi service. I have lived here in Samana for 7 years so I know the area very well. I love to give out free information. If you have any questions drop me a note at toursamanawithterry@hotmail.com

Your airport options are limited if you come from the US. Santo Domingo is now only 2 hours away from Samana and 2.5 from El Portillo. If you are coming from Canada you can fly into Saman (El Catey Int. Airport)

El portillo is much bigger and spread out. You stay in Villas and your chances of being near the pool is much greater.
Samana Cayocoa is unmatched for the views of the Bay and is closer to town.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

Thanks, Terry. We’ve booked the Cayacoa and we’re flying into Samana from TO. I’m hoping the drive will be under an hour.

I’ll keep you in mind if we’re looking to get out and about, but mostly we just hang out at the resort and relax.