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Tryp Cayo Coco


Anyone have reviews of this hotel?


We were there once more than 10 years ago’ it’s when the Tryp included the Blau as one super resort. We would luv to return and see the vegetation as mature. We have friends that have returned in the last two years and absolutely luv it.

Monarc.ca has these reviews but many of them are French



Oh more thing… I referred this hotel 10 years ago to a co-worker and her family. We had been going to Cayo Coco ( Tryp, El Senador, etc) for about 4 years in mid to late March and always had great weather. well long story short. She was going the 3rd week of January; her family froze the whole week. cold front came down and she wasn’t a happy camper when she came back. Her first experience was not so good.
that being said if you are thinking Cayo Coco it’s a hit & miss in December and January for hot weather.

On the other hand; Playa Pesquero or even Santiago de Cuba. is almost a guaranteed hot weather year round. :sunglasses: :slight_smile:


I would say especially Santiago. If you want dependable weather, it is definitely the place to go. I made a point of checking temperatures there last December and January, and they were consistently good, often higher than Cancun and even Montego Bay and Punta Cana. I had been curious, because when I asked people who have gone there for 30 years they had reported it was always warm. On the downside, the resorts are no more than three stars at best, but it is a worthwhile trade off as far as I am concerned!


I posted one on Trip Advisor last Feb, Maybe under Alec or Xtanker from Kingston.