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TRYP Info in Cayo Coco


Hi folks,

Looking for some info. Have read the few reviews here, but looking for some specifics.

I have heard that the bottom floors are renovated, and some of the buildings second floors have been. I normally don’t book the bottom floors, but in this case should I, or does anyone know what the buildings are that have the upper floors reno’d??

Seems like this place may have a disco that is actually open ;D Read somewhere that guests from other resorts can visit this disco at night, any idea if this is true or experiences?

Also wondering if ALL the rooms have a mini-fridge, as it sounds like the upgraded rooms have the mini-bars stocked, but doesn’t indicate if the regular rooms have at least the mini-fridges?

Any other tips that you may think would be relative or important, love to hear them!

Thanks in advance!


I didn’t get any answers to the first questions here, but I have another question now…lol

Do they have a cigarette vending machine at this resort, and if so, does anyone remember the approx price for the cigs?? Hoping they have the Hollywood’s as those were the only ones I can remember that were smokeable…:slight_smile:


with staying at the TRYP you have access to the Sol Cayo Coco, Sol Guillermo…hop on the bus and you can visit the these resorts for the day. IMO the Guillermo area is much nicer than Cayo Coco. TRYP is a nice resort but the lagoon runs right through the resort which adds a bad smell to the area outside the buffet…be sure to visit Pilar Beach it is beautiful!!!