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Yes, and it seems like it’s the whole Thorn Tree forums site, not just the Cuba branch.

I only just joined about 2-3 weeks ago, and made my second post yesterday. The first one was about weather, and the second one about currency, so I don’t think it was anything I did.
I noticed a couple of posts that could have been considered political, but I don’t think they would shut down the whole site for a couple of things on the Cuba branch. It must have been something bigger going on in some of the other areas.


Something was said …


Going out on a limb here ???, but what is it all about? Sorry have never heard of this and would rather feel stupid and learn ;D


Hi, Sweetmystery. I’m not sure if you are familiar with the Lonely Planet travel guides, but they are a publishing company that also runs a travel forum (the Thorn Tree forum), similar to TripAdvisor, or this one. They have tended to be followed more by independent travellers, though. I had been watching a few of the discussions over there for several months now. Suddenly this morning, there was a message posted there that said:

Dear Thorn Tree user,

We’re sorry to let you know we’ve found it necessary to temporarily close the Thorn Tree section of Lonelyplanet.com as it has come to our attention that a number of posts do not conform to the standards of the Lonely Planet website. As soon as we have completed the necessary editorial and technical updates we will let you know but in the meantime we are very grateful for your understanding and patience.

Thank you,
The Lonely Planet Team

So, I have no idea what happened, and as of now, you probably know about as much about it as all the rest of us do.


Thank-you Cuba Jack for explaining this to me, I had no idea.


The message on Thorntree has been altered - but no idea why this is taking so long.

According to that other board, the problem related to the Your Choice section of Thorntree - I am not sure what that was for.

In the Cuba section there had been complaints about heavy-handed moderation, It seems like the moderators were looking in the wrong place.

Several threads on Trip Advisor have been removed. There is one now in the Cuba section that has lasted since yesterday.


Parts of the Thorntree are now back up - but not the Cuba branch, and it wouldn 't let me log in.


Using Internet Explorer rather than Google Chrome, and I could log in.


When I look Cuba isn’t even in the list. The Dominican is but no Cuba. I am new to Thorn tree so maybe I am not looking in the correct place??


TA removed the TT thread last night.


Boatingmum, Cuba was a separate section under Americas. It wasn’t in the Caribbean section. According to a post by Fidelcastro1941 on TA last night, the Cuba section is not back yet. And, by the way, it appears that TA has disabled his account, because I was going to send him a PM to ask something about TT, and I see this morning that his PM function isn’t available.

With all the deletions and bannings and complete shutting down of forums, I’m thinking that this seems about the only place left to post and read travel information.


Thanks for the info Cubajack. Now why would TA disable Fidelcastro1941?


It seems like Thorn Tree is sort of back. There is no Cuba section yet, though. A few people are posting Cuba questions/information on the general Caribbean section.

Vagabond, if you are who I think you are, I’ve never had any problem with you, but you seem to be getting crankier all the time. If you aren’t careful, you’re going to start offending people. ;D
I’ve had some good conversations with a lot of the people you don’t seem to like.


Starting to offend people?
cubajack, we can’t be talking about our friend, the bus driver who fought the Ontario government, socked it out with CRA, who sold the Scout, paid way too much for an airport cab and drove a bus from here, through USA and Mexico to CA without incident?
I’m pretty sure that fellow has his tongue firmly in his cheek. IMHO and LOL


[quote=@vagabond]Going to try & be on my best behavior here on Debbies …

Well, see that you do!

OK, everybody you heard it here first. We can look forward to a kinder, gentler Vagabond from now on.


[quote=@cubajack][quote=@vagabond]Going to try & be on my best behavior here on Debbies …

Well, see that you do!

OK, everybody you heard it here first. We can look forward to a kinder, gentler Vagabond from now on.

I can see it now … people dancing in the moonlight, love, poetry … a perfect zen moment. ;D ;D and just as I’m getting on the plane to fly away … I’ll be missing it all … maybe I should stay … Cuba can’t be all that much warmer next week … I don’t really need more rum … oops, caught drinking and posting again. ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:
Always glad to have more members here.


TT Cuba branch returned today.


Kinder and Gentler and blander so far. New filters to remove words like $hity and d@mn.