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Two hotels/Two Weeks


Has anyone tried staying one week at one resort and then their second week at another resort? What are the pros and cons?



I have never tried this but the thought of wasting time packing and moving if you are happy with the first place seems to much for me. On the other hand if the resorts are in different parts of the Island, say one on the north coast and one on the south coasts, you get to experience two different sets of scenery.


I have done this several times before. However you should have the same tour operator and you will have to provide your own transportation between the two resorts. That is what I have found to happen to us. :sunglasses:


I have done this as well. I enjoyed it. You do have to provide your own transportion to the second resort. I think it’s a great idea, Two weeks at one resort would be to long. I highly recommend this. I would do it again.


Two weeks is never too long. First week, finally calm down from the stresses of work and travel. By the start of the second week you are super relaxed and you now know the resort and the surrounding area’s finest nuances. End of second week you can start planning your return visit to the DR while flying home.


I was going to do that when I traveled to Puerto Plata in January. I contacted Sell Off Vacations and requested a week at Fun Royale and the following week at the Gran Ventana and this was no problem seeing as both of the resorts were sold by Signature Vacations and there was availability at both. As it turned out, we only ended up going for a week but I’d definitely try it again if I ever go for 2 weeks.


Bought flight for 2 weeks with Transat but only one week from them at the BPRSJ. This cost me $50pp extra. Booked the second week directly with the Iberostar, which I was quite happy with the price. We got an upgrade to beachfront because we did not use a wholesaler.
we made a deal with the 10 pax van driver that goes from BPRSJ to Sosua everyday and he charged us $10 more to drop us off at the Iberostar.