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Two Thunder Bay Women Attacked


Not sure if anyone has heard about this article that was posted on Facebook. Just wondering if and how accurate, maybe Bobk can shed some light?



I just finished reading that article. WOW, that is totally crazy.

almost to easy to read between the lines on this as far as im concerned, I wont deny something may have happened… but I dont believe anything as sensational as what is being stated, gun shots, broken patio door, room turned upside down, I dont care how terrible a spot is this would not be tolerated

also management has responded…

Cservicebpsj, Quality & Customer Service department at Bahia Principe San Juan, responded to this review
Dear Guest,

We are very concerned after reading your comment and we sincerely feel overwhelmed about the situation you reported. We would like to assure you that the Quality & Customer Service department always tries to investigate all the issues received from our different clients.

Concerning your comments, we would like to inform you that the event you described goes against our operation and standards of service and under any circumstance we would support such inadequate behaviour towards our customers. As per our files, we do not have any record of this serious allegation against the hotel staff and the situation that you described. Please allow us to remember you that as per our records, what we have on file is the complaint from several rooms on your villa that you were disturbing them. Because of that our security staff together with the night manager went to your room to investigate the case, you did not open the door and you were screaming in your room until the friends you called came over there. When you finally opened the door, there were just you and your friends inside the room. Please be advice that our guest security and well-being are very important to us and we carry out a great effort to make sure our guests not only remain safe but also that they feel safe as well.

We still hope to welcome you once again at Bahia Principe San Juan to experience the hospitality of our people, the quality of our services and facilities, and change any misperception you may have about us.

Best regards,

Johanny Arvelo
Bahia Principe San Juan

Clearly, these women were scared by what happened. Pretty fishy response from the hotel, eh?

What I don’t understand is that if the women were so terrorized, why did they stay at the hotel for the rest of their trip. I would have left immediately and got a hotel room elsewhere.

And…it’s been almost a month since this story broke in the news & we’ve not heard anything else. Hhmmmm

Also, why did they not file a police report here? Was talking to someone who knows the hotel manager and apparently, there is another side to the story but… who to believe?

Either its a made up story or real, this will serve to be an eye opener to everyone that no matter where we are, we should be very careful.

Ok let this thread die already. This story is 100% bogus. It never happened the way this confused women described. In fact it never really happened.


I also thinking that it really looks counterfeit one.

Good to see that it’s a bogus story.