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Under Grooms' Clothes


Hi Everyone,

What should the FH wear under his off-white linen clothes? Especially the “undergarment”. Is there such thing as “nude” underwear for men? haha…I just don’t want anyone to see anything unnecessary - and white underwear just shows up exactly that…

Any ideas?



I’m actually helping my FH find linen clothes as we speak! Do you have any recommendations?


when are you getting married?

If you have some time I know that the linen clothing line arrives localling (ie. derks formals, etc) beginning of february, everything is usually gone from the stores (ie. linens) by April or May (at the latest).

We ordered ours online since we thought we were getting a head start by looking in June for this Feb (but was obviously too late).

online - IslandImporters.com

Otherwise, I would go the derks route.