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Update on Isaac?


Has anyone heard a report about the effects of Isaac in Cuba?


I received this last evening…
" As for Tropical Storm Isaac, for us in Havana it’s mainly been rainy and a bit windy - not even a tropical storm. It’s still raining, sometimes hard and them as suddenly it completely stops - and it will continue like this throughout the whole day tomorrow. There’s been a bit of damage to vulnerable parts of Baracoa (eastern Guantanamo Province) and elsewhere, some houses destroyed and others damaged, some road damage in the mountains, but all in all not a very damaging storm for Cuba. And in all honesty, when one remembers what Antonio Nunez Jimenez - I’ll tell you about him when you’re here - said just a couple of years before he died: “The rivers of Cuba are in the heavens.” And without storms like this, the drought is even more serious for this country.
I’m concerned about what Isaac might wind up doing when it hits the southern states on the other side of the Gulf…"


I was duly chastened one day in Cuba when it was raining for the third day in a row and I commented to a Cuban that it would be nice if it would stop. He smiled and said “Senora, we look forward to this rain all year; otherwise, we don’t eat!”.


A friend that works in the Holguin area said the coast line got a bit or rain but more so inland.


Good news for our friends in Playa Pesquero resorts and beach. :slight_smile: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

I guess Isaac just missed that area; it’s a good thing…They had enough of it with Hurricane Ike back in 08. :stuck_out_tongue: :’( >:(


Just got back from Marea del Portillo last night. We got a lot of rain and it was very windy for a day and a half. With the exception of a lot of seaweed and high tides on the beach, it was a “non-event”. Since the night before they had us all set to be evacuated to Bayamo, it really was a bit of a let down. The storm took a more northern track than originally thought and so we were spared the worst.

Images from the Cuban news on television were of lots of water and rain. No reported deaths or injuries.

The locals were thrilled and thanking God for the rain - it has been a very dry summer and they really wanted some rain.


Got an update from a friend working up on the end of the Varadero peninsula in the area of the Iberostars and Isaac threw up a lot of rocks +junk on the beach. No damage to buildings

Word is that Iberostar (both of em) has hired extra staff to “clean up” the rocks and extra seaweed generated by the winds and tides.

More news later, back to you Diane in New York lol