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Urgent help needed


I need to find the names and possibly the phone numbers to the hospital(s) near to Gran Ventana (Dom Rep), as my sister who is on holiday there has been rushed into hospital.

Can anyone who knows please post the information here. I will keep checking.



Pooley - I have emailed one of the forum members who lives in that area - hopefully we’ll hear from her soon. In the meantime, try posting this on www.dr1.com forums as there are many ex-pats posting there. You might also try calling the Dominican consulate in your home country - they may be able to assist you.

Sending thoughts and prayers your way…


I am working on find a phone nember for you.


Centro Clínico Quirúrgico Puerto Plata
Av M T Justo 19
Puerto Plata
(809) 586-7941

There are 38 listings for hospital clinics etc, this is the largest to my knowledge.

Centro Médico Bournigal
A Mota
Puerto Plata
(809) 586-2342

Consultorio Médico Playa Dorada
Ppal 5 P Dorada
Puerto Plata
(809) 320-5000


post an name and I will try and have someone iin POP call for you


Thanks to you all for replying so quickly. I will be calling the hosptial now.

thanks again


I can have a friend in POP do some calling for you


If you get no responses from the numbers I posted, I will have a friend try other numbers


we haven’t been able to get through - it seems as though there’s a problem with our phone system. I can’t believe it, the one time i need it and I cannot get it to work. I would really appreciate it if someone could check for me. My sisters name is Tracey Middleton.


Your phone at home or the DR phones are messed up???


I don’t know how comforting this might be but a year or two ago I spent four days in the hospital in the DR. and let me tell you that they are all very professionals in their work from the doctors to the nurses. They will look after you just as well as if you were in your own country. I’m praying for nothing but good news for you and your family.


keep trying and keep us abreat of the situation, I am waiting for POP friends to come online in MSN and Yahoo Messenger.


Regarding the phones, it seems that the problem is with our phone, as i’ve entered in the country code correctly (I checked it) and we just get a no such number signal. I’ve had a cpl of emails about what happened, I would have replied but the people that asked have their email addresses hidden. I suppose I shouldn’t really sit here on the net but it keeps me occupied whilst I try to deal with what’s happened. She’s 40 years old and apparently she’s had a stroke. This is unheard of in people under 60 years old.


We finally got through to the numbers posted in an earlier message, but it seems that she’s not at the first one and the others are not answering. We will keep trying though.


I have gotten through for you here is an update from my friend in Sosua who called the Clinic Bournigal

Centro Médico Bournigal
A Mota
Puerto Plata
(809) 586-2342

She was in an accident, has no fractures, bruises and some minor cuts, they suspect a possible minor stroke for which they are going to do another cat scan in the morning and release her back to the resort tomorrow for her flight home on Sunday.

This information I got from my friend Amy a member of DR1 who lives and owns a business in Sosua, all through the wonders of the Internet and Yahoo Messenger.

My thanks to Amy for making the phone calls to the hospitals to locate Tracy, she got it on her first call.
It pays to have friends in the DR, no doubt about it.


Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who has really helped me tonight. señor del madera you are a star!

I managed to get through to my sister and have now spoken to her. I can now sleep a little easier tonight - after I have called all the other members of the family to let them know.

The internet is an amzing thing, without it and all your help I couldn’t have done it.

Thank you again.
Cliff Pooley



It was my pleasure to help, the members here at Debbie’s will certainly got to bat to help out a fellow member, keep us informed as to her condition and stay on board as a member of our Family.


What wonderful news. Great communication Wud! Pooley, best wishes to you and your sister and please let us know how things worked out.


That is indeed wonderful news!!! I am sure you are tremendously relieved to have finally spoken with her. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and do let us know how she is doing once she gets back home.



Good work Wud-man :slight_smile:

Pooley - best wishes to your sister for a full a speedy recovery :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: