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Urgently need contact details!



I urgently need contact details for yaly the wedding co-ordinator at playa pesquero so I can book my wedding & holiday!

Can anyone PLEASE help?



The email is


You can either address is to Yaly or Katherine.



Thanks melmelfish! You’re a life saver!!!

We are booking the wedding for Sept 07 and have just immediate family coming with us. I know we have 9 months to plan everything but want the important stuff (ie booking holiday & wedding) ASAP so can at least relax about those…just the rest to sort out…like decide on where to have reception/return party!!
Going to go looking & trying on dresses 2moro with a friend, got appts booked. God I’m excited!!!
Hope you had a good 1st wedding anniversary despite the lousy weather you had.



As a former PP bride, please do not get discouraged if you do not get a quick response from Yaly - it may take up to 2 weeks to hear back from her, but don’t despair!
We began planning our wedding at PP about 10 months in advance, and the correspondence was very slow and frustrating at times, however, it will all work itself out and you will have a wonderful wedding ;D

Good luck and happy planning!! ;D



Thanks for the reassurance Tigs I will be more chilled out about things.

We have booked our holiday today…3 weeks at PP going 12 Sept 07. Family only allowed to come with us for the first 2 weeks!!! I’m so excited now!!! it’s really happening!!! Only taken us 10 years get round to it…but hey why rush these things :wink:

Melmelfish & Tigs, I dare say I will want to pick your brains over other things in the next 9 months…so i’d like to say Thank You for your help so far & any help in the future…Thank You!

May I wish you both & your families a very merry christmas & a wonderful & prosperous 2007



Hi Hayley - I did not log on after the 22nd, so i just saw your holiday message - the same to you and yours!!!
Feel free to pick away!!! We are all here to help, so please feel free to ask anything!!!

Happy New Year ;D


Happy New Year!!

Sorry to bother you Tigs & Melmelfish but i’ve got a really silly question to ask…when you were liaising with Yaly/Katherine at PP did you do it in English or Spanish?

My Spanish is extremely basic so I was wondering if it would be okay to e-mail them in English or whether to do it in Spanish.

If in Spanish can you recommend any good translation sites?

Thanks very much


English is absolutely fine, Hayley. Both Yaly and Katherine can speak English, but I try to keep my words simple when I talked to them.


Hi Hayley - Happy New Year to you as well!! :smiley:

No problems with corresponding in English, they have a very good grasp at the language, we had no problems at all!!