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Us dollar currency


can anyone help me with what notes and coins the us dollar comes in

eg do you get 100 50 10 5 and 1 dollar notes
and what coins do you get.



You cannot use U.S. coins in the DR and most exchange places do not even deal in them. The notes come in 1’s 10’s 20’s 50’s 100’s etc. though it is not recommended to bring anything higher than 20’s and mostly take 1’s 5’s and then some 10’s and 20’s. You will find it very difficult to break a larger U.S. bill for smaller U.S. bills. You will only get pesos in exchange unless you know a Dominican there who can change it for which I would not depend on.



thanks for that rose.

so is it ok to pay for trips in us dollars


The $US is accepted virtually everywhere.
You will find that excursions are all priced in $US anyways.


[quote author=janeg board=general thread=1153567529 post=1153569548]thanks for that rose.

so is it ok to pay for trips in us dollars[/quote]

Absolutely. The custom is when tipping the maid to leave a couple of dollars or whatever sitting prominently on the pillow. If you leave it on the nightstand or anywhere else they generally will not touch it. Also, if you can, it is nice to give it directly to the maid, but this is not always possible. When giving a tip to a maid, bartender, waiter etc. we usally fold the bills up in our hand and give them a handshake with a heartfelt “muchas gracias”, passing the bills to the person discreetly. That way, it is not so showy like, everyone look, I am giving money to this poor person. It perseves everyone’s dignity and the Dominicans are a very proud, dignified people.

As Bob said, most things that you will be buying (excusions etc.) will be priced in U.S. dollars so only exchange small amounts as needed. You will not be able to change pesos back to U.S. or other currencies without taking a huge hit in the exchange.