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US$$$ or Pesos?

We are staying at the BPSJ and are planning on taking a number US 1’s for tipping.

We don’t plan on needing much cash, maybe for one excursion and some shopping.

Is it okay to use US$?

Does anyone know if there is an ATM at this resort?

US cash is fine.


We used US. There is an ATM, if I remember correctly, down on the street leading into the resort. The street and the shops on it are all actually part of the resort.

We have done different things different years. Earlier this year, we took just USD and certainly that is fine as others have said. For our next trip later this month, we are taking USD and some pesos. We found on the resort buying small things like cigars, etc you get change back in pesos and the exchange rate and how much we actually were getting back in change got to be very confusing. Not a big deal, but if you have a chance to bring some pesos - why not.

Whatever makes your vacation easier!

Just be extremely careful when using any ATM machine. Read the thread in the east coast forum under: A Warning To All Palladium". Horrible story for sure