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US posts advisory on cholera outbreak in Havana

Just in case anyone is interested:
Sorry, could not find original US alert. This alert is for "Havana only at this point.

There has been news of disease spread from Havana on ProMED. Probably why the alert, although cholera in Havana is not new news.

[a href=“http://www.promedmail.org/direct.php?id=20130818.1886948”]ProMED[/a]

There have been a couple of threads, over the past year, regarding cholera in Cuba.  Here’s the link just FYI:

I think most tourists to Cuba, especially resort tourists, are at little risk.  Those going off resort should follow recommendations noted in the news link about where and what you eat and drink and being hygienic.   I always carry a travel size bottle of hand sanitizer when we go off resort and use it liberally. 

The problem is, that approach will not protect you from food contaminated by an asymptomatic carrier who has poor personal hygiene, which apparently was the problem in this case.

[a href=“http://www.promedmail.org/direct.php?id=20130823.1898160”]http://www.promedmail.org/direct.php?id=20130823.1898160[/a]

“According to the information provided, the cases recorded in Havana have been linked to 2 food service centers where the presence of asymptomatic persons infected with cholera among food handlers was found.”

Hypothetically, such an individual or individuals could spread the disease to an AI resort if they worked in a food handling capacity there.