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Useful info, Tourist Card/Dep Tax -Signature Vacat


Because inquisitive minds wanted to know, I wrote to Signature Vacations last night. AND they responded this morning…


Dominican Republic - Tourist Card & Departure Tax fees


Hello, We are trying to sort out some information… If we book a trip with Signature Vacations, is the $10 Tourist Card fee and the $20 Departure Tax for the Dominican Republic, included in the price of our package?? We realize that Signature Vacations is now affiliated with SUNWING & Sunwing does not include those fees. BUT, other Tour Operators (Air Canada, West Jet, Air Transat, Sunquest) do include the fees. Our booking hinges on your response… Thanking you in advance,

Their response:

Dear Ruth ,

Thank you for contacting The Sunwing Travel Group.

The Dominican Republic Tourist Card and Departure Tax both have to be paid locally upon arrival and return in US Currency.


Maria Correia|Reception

Sunwing Vacations|Signature Vacations

Tel: 416.620.4955 ext. 3500|Email:reception@sunwing.ca

27 Fasken Drive, Toronto ON Canada M9W 1K6

So there we go folks…right from the horses’ mouth !


Thanks, good to know, now Signature Vacations will be second last on my list unless it happens to be $30.00 cheaper.


Updated FAQ with this information. Thanks Ruth.


Looking at an AI in Cuba Nov 10th, Same Room,i.e. Oceanview, same flight Sunwing leaving Toronto at 0610 hrs, Sunwing Taxes $290.00, Signature Taxes $190.00???


How is the bottom line price once taxes are figured in? I’d go with that. I’m not sure what the tourist card/departure tax situation is in Cuba, but since Sunwing owns Signature, I’d expect them to be handled the same. Based on how ‘they’ do the DR, I’d expect they would be both be extra to your overall expenses.


It is a very good information for visitors and tourist. I would like to thank you on this useful work. People really want to know some good ideas and information like this.


too bad they don’t say why or if they will ever include it instead of such a short reply


Debbie from Winnipeg…I know! BUT, atleast they did reply to my query !!


try responding back and see what they say :wink: