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Using a MAS card

I got a MAS card 2 years ago and have never used it ( long story )
We are going to Sol Club in Cayo Largo.
What perks does it give and how do I use it ?

Best perk you get in Cuba is free late check out. Some resorts also give private…expedited…check in. I think Sol Cayo Largo may be one of these. If you email ahead with a room request, I would quote your MAS number. I believe it gives you a better chance of having your request honoured, and sometimes you get extras, like a bottle of rum in your room. They may also make your a la carte reservations for you. Once you are at the resort, present your MAS card at the front desk…they may take a copy of it. I find the response to a MAS card varies somewhat with the resort, but I’ve always been able to get the free late checkout, and I don’t care too much about the other things…

The MAS card is like any hotel affinity card. Different locations you can accumulate points for free’ stuff’ - but that part of the benefits is primarily reserved for places other than Cuba.

A lot will depend on availability if a late check-out is available. I think you get more privileges being a return guest than with the MAS card. We always include our MAS number when we are booking. And take a photo-copy of it to leave with the desk at check-in.

It is a free service and while a nice touch - on some trips we have received nothing while others there has been extras in the room.

We just got late checkout on Friday in Cayo Largo with our MAS card.
They were charging 20 CUC’s to stay till four pm
or more to stay til 6 pm…
So we saved that money for sure…
Trouble is, she didn’t give me my card back, she took it to photo copy and said pick it up at check out, and I forgot and so did she!
I have had that card for ten years now.
So have to send off an email to Sol Melia for a new one…
We use it every time we go to Cuba…
Karen and Marty

:slight_smile: Welcome back, Karmar! We’ll let you catch your breath before bombarding you with questions! :wink:

As for the MAS card, the Sol does offer an “expedited” check in (but not always - there was one time when we arrived and there was no one at the MAS desk).

Also, it does not guarantee a late check out (there were a few of us card holders that did not get this “perk” due to the occupancy of the hotel) so we had to use the Courtesy Room to freshen up before our late departure.

What it can do is get you an extra a la carte or fruit plate and champagne sent to your room, etc.

It’s a hit ‘n’ miss at this resort.

As eeeefarm says, quote your card in your email prior to arrival. It can’t hurt. :-*

I have used my MAS card twice for late check out only. However, in both cases, I had to return to the front desk after the regular check-out time to have the room key reactivated and they always need to see the card again, and there is some humming and hawing, etc. In addition, the though of using the expedited check in scares me, I can just imagine the draggers coming out from my fellow passengers as we move to the head of the line!! Plus, coming from a smaller area (out of Halifax) I often know 4 - 6 people off our plane at the resort.

Can someone please explain how you obtain one of these MAS cards and what does MAS stand for…

MAS is Spanish for " more “
As in this sentence said to the bartender
” You only gave me one drink and I have two hands, therefore I need two drinks MAS. " ( I drank the first while waiting to translate )

I have no idea what it means , just that it is a card used by Melia properties , and I cannot pass up a chance for a yuk-yuk.

[quote=@bigred16]Can someone please explain how you obtain one of these MAS cards and what does MAS stand for…[/quote]It’s a “loyalty” card and it’s free…you can sign up for one here:

eeeefarm, do you have an e-mail address for Sol Cayo Largo? We’ll follow the advice re: contacting them with our MAS # before we go. Thanks.

:slight_smile:sunnysideup - try this one we’ve used and let me know if it works for you. It has always worked for us for the past 4 trips. :-*