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Using Cell Phones


we have friends staying at the Riu’s and we’re staying at Barcelo…does anyone know if we can use our cell phones to call eachother?..our friend seems to think his cell phone will work just like it does here at home…and he also thinks he can use it to call home to Canada…any advise will be appreciated. ???


If they are both triband phones which I suspect they are then yes they will work… BUT as your provider is at home all calls will be routed via home so you will pay international rates to call someone who may be stood next to you!! Ring from your hotel to thiers much cheaper! Or invest in a couple of Dominican sim cards if you feel the need to chat a lot! Regards calling home check your provider for costs as it may be as cheap to use the hotel phone again. Keep your mobile for urgent/emergency calls. Texts can be reasonable price, again check your provider.

Cheers Amandalou :-*