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Vacation alone?


im In the same boat as you and others. Im strongly thinking of going on vacation to mexico or domanican for 7nights or so at an all-inclusive resort in end Oct 2013 or so. My plans are to tan, relax, swim, play volleyball, ping pong, rest, and have a massage.
Shy person here. Worry about eating alone, having no one to talk to, being miserable. Never travelled alone without visiting family, friends or relatives. I have few friends, none of them can go. Family and relatives are almost same situation. Help? Advice? I need a vacation and fast

Anyone else travelling during that time?


It generally isn’t that hard to meet people at an AI resort, even if you are shy. The other guests are on vacation too and are pretty well in a laid back mode. Be outgoing and smile a lot. The volleyball and ping pong you mention are good starts, as are the silly pool and beach games set up by the activities staff. Pretty easy to make a comment or two about what’s going on. Book a few excursions. It’s easy to start or join a conversation when you’re jammed in a van or bus with several other people. Either that or strike up a conversation after the excursion and ask them how they enjoyed it. The only thing I’ll say is that if you look like you want to be left alone, you likely will be.


“if you look like you want to be left alone, you likely will be.” …well said

thanks all for the tips and advice. dont know with will happen


I’m sure you’ll make out fine. My son went away alone a few years ago for a weeks vacation. He came home with a lengthy list of email addresses of people he met and hung out with.


Another great place to meet up with people is around the swim up bar…Happy hour 3pm…We have met some great people and have gone on tours with these people. In fact we met a couple a couple of years ago and we are meeting up again this March.


Any bar will do…be outgoing and say hello to people


I find it can really depend. I have gone alone and not had one person make an effort to say hi to me or smile, and i have gone and made lifelong friends. It really just depends. Of course it does depend alot on you and your personality and attiude.

All the things mentioned above, swim up bar, pool games, excursions etc will certainly make it more likely and put you in a better situation where it’s easier to talk/meet people.

Probably the supper mealtime is the hardest if your a shy or self consious person.

But travelling solo can be alot of fun. If you don’t have family or friends who are able to travel when you want to, don’t let that hold you back!!


Going solo can be a good and bad experience, like monctonguy said it really depends. If everything goes right for you the outcome can also be right and this is the factor how it normally remains.People who are passionate about traveling or discovering places it doesn’t matter for them whether they can everything in a good manner or what does matter to them.