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Vacation booking

With life being so busy these days are you a AI kinda person or do you like to search for the ultimate deals with separate bookings for air/hotel?

All inclusive for me. Less hassle & safer if there’s delays or issues.

All Inclusive ALL THE WAY!!! Less hassle and I know I will have everything I need!

Booked seperate the last couple times. Couldn’t beat the deal! ;D


AI because then there are no surprises. And if something does happen, hopefully you will be reimbursed. I’m sure if I had booked my hurricane interrupted trips (2 of them!) last fall independently, I would have been out of luck trying to recover my costs. (also, I’ve yet to see a case where you can get it cheaper booking flight, hotel, transfers, etc. separately)

All Inclusive all the way!!!

Being from NB we have always booked AI. Just find it very easy, no hassle vacation.

Depends on where we’re planning to go.

We’ve done it both ways, but all-inclusive packages are good value and usually hassle free - well except for being at the mercy of the fine print which all vacation wholesalers have several pages of in the back of their brochures.