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Vacation Countdown Tickers

There are lots of choices for tickers (tickerfactory, daisypath, caribbeanmag etc). When you’ve finished ‘building’ your ticker, cut and paste the code they provide into your signature.

Note, you’ll want to select the bbCode they provide.

Oh, and one more thing. Please delete the ticker from your signature when you get back from your vacation. I end up having to delete a lot of expired tickers …

If you have troubles, feel free to PM me for help.

edit: Oct 5, 2010
For some reason our parser doesn’t seem to like the dark background option (TickerFactory) so I suggest you avoid it.

edit: Oct 13, 2010
There have been reported minor issues with CaribbeanMag tickers. Until the issue is resolved I suggest you avoid these in preference to other tickers.

edit: Oct 15, 2010
Issue appears to be resolved.

edit: Nov 22,2010
added boldface for bbCode required.

edit: Dec 4, 2010
CaribbeanMag issue appears to be back.
Please refrain from using these tickers.