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Vacation Tickers not working?

Since I had to change the bookmarked site for Debbie’s Dominican, I cant get the normal vacation ticker to work in my signature. It is the Carribbeanmag ones that I have used since joining this site.

Works fine on the Cuban form, but never had to change the bookmarked site there for some reason.

Any tips or links I should be looking at?


I took a peek at your signature and can’t see any reference to CaribbeanMag. All I see is the uCruiser one and it seems to be working.

http://www.caribbeanmag.com/cd/My_Caribbean_Cruise/Bahamas_Cruise...1st_time_cruiser!/201302102000_13.gif” is the one you use on the Cuba forum.
Your uCruiser one is cleaner IMHO. :sunglasses:

yeah…on the Cuba form, its the countdown ticker that I have used for years each time I travelled. But when I tried to put it in the signature here on the Debbie’s side, just showed the scripting, not the actually image or countdown.

No big deal, just wondered if it was just me.

There were security warnings about caribbeanmag.com here a while back. Google Chrome reported something and I sent a note to BFC, the Mod.

I just tried it on my test non-privileged account and it seems to work just fine.

edit: I just picked an arbitrary date and ticker.
worked first time …

I think I know what’s going on. Did you by chance run out of space when you tried to cut and paste the bbCode? Right now you only have about 50 characters left free in your signature.

will give it another shot…shouldn’t be a space issue, as I have the exact same space and info on the Cuba form as the Dominican side.

But obviosuly it can work as BFC posted.

Will play with it a little more and see if I can’t get it going on my profile.

Thanks for looking into it…

Yeah, but my code looks way different than what Spunky said you were using.

Looks like you got it. Enjoy your cruise. ;D

I do not use them anymore, all it does is make you available for a break in, if someboy knows where you live.