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For anyone who has been to Decameron El Salvador recently - did you need any vaccinations other than twinrex/hep shots? Thanks

I was there in Jan/08 and will be there again in Jan/09 and never had nor do I intend to have any shots for anything.

the travel doctor that we saw ( was planning to go to Manaus Brazil) said only if your are heading South America rain forest area do you need to worry about it
Twinrex is good to have even if you are staying home

I contacted our local Health Unit. They recommended, “Vivaxim,” for protection against typhoid and Hepatitis A be injected at least two weeks prior to departure. For what it’s worth.

We were there for 2 weeks Nov 24-Dec 8 and did not have any vaccinations. I spoke to my Doctor who said as long as I was careful on what I ate nothing was needed. Obviously do not drink the tap water and if out do not have anything with ice cubes as they are made from tap water. We never had any issues.

mommyof2angels …

Are you referrng to the ice cubes at the Decameron being made from tap water? If so, did they mention whether or not it was filtered water?

No, the ice cubes at Decameron are made with purified water. Be careful outside of Decameron.