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Vacuum bags

Was wondering how you go about this. Do you just get some large freezer bags and push the air out or is there a cheap way of doing it with your vacuum.

There are special bags that you can buy for this purpose, not sure how much they cost though…

That is all I did, it was actually really handy to try and fill up a carry-on with 10kg while actually fitting that much ‘stuff’ in there, keeping in mind you can’t carry any liquids and such.

I have some that cost about $8 for four large bags and came with a vacuum cleaner adaptor. They work well for storing puffy or bulky items. I haven’t used them for travelling - our problem is keeping under the weight limit not volume.

That is all that we do, push the air out.
Keep in mind, that if you intend on bringing this stuff back with you, and you have used a vacuum bag (with vacuum of course) to pack your items, that you may not have access to a vaccum in Cuba to repack !! :o